Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer's soccer game

Today was Summer's first soccer game for the season.  So, thought I'd share a few shots. 

Being that her game is pretty early, no time really to cook.  So, bananas and milk for breakfast.  Do you think she's happy to be going to soccer?

If you're wondering why her shirt is different, I guessed the wrong color.  One day I'll actually get around to putting ribbons in her hair before a game.  One day.  

Summer on the field.  Couldn't really get too many action shots as the kids at this age tend to clump together to play.

Summer's soccer shoes this season.  She's definitely grown!

Summer is just always so full of joy.  A pile of sunshine.  Her name suits her.

At the end of the game they all congratulate each other.  

Getting ready to head for snack after the game.  Summer truly can play soccer.  She goes right after the ball and even understands which way to go.  It's great.

Enjoying her snack before we head home to pick up the other kids and take them to their games later that day.  I'll post more later on the other kids' games.  Getting late and we have a super busy day prepping for the fence going up.  Building it ourselves so will take time.  Hopefully, not too long though. 

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