Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer swims!

Remember my terrified little girl a few months ago?  You know, the screamin' demon?  Too frightened to put her feet in the water.  I couldn't really bathe her in Sofia.  She couldn't handle it.  The rain stopped her dead on the soccer field  in the spring.  She couldn't handle it.  Emotionally, a frozen zombie with water.  How is that same child today??  Take a look:


Doesn't she look awesome?!  Ignore Alex screaming in the background.  It happens.  She was swimming to me to show me what she can do.  BTW, she can swim w/out a life jacket as well.  However, still too little and young for our pool to swim w/out one.  I just am really proud of her.  Typically, it is much harder for children w/ c-ACC to accomplish such tasks that have a right/ left connection.  Walking, running and now swimming have been mastered by our little Summer.  Isn't it just fantastic?!  I'm not sure this video will load the right way or not.  If it doesn't, come back later this evening and Warren will have fixed it for me.  

Now it should work folks.  

It was Saturday evening before I (Warren) was able to get the video to link in.

I now turn this blog back over to the intrepid and prolific poster, my wife, without whom I would have a life of dreary boredom,  the fabulous and lovely, Stephanie.


  1. Maybe it's just my computer, but I don't see a link to watch Ms. Summer swim.

  2. Wow! He's soooo sweet.

  3. Ahh, look at her go! What a little fish! And I am so jealous of her talking... my Bulgarian girl continues to stick to a handful of words.