Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sno Cones part II

As I said, the other day we decided to go to Pelicans.  Mind you, this is only our second time ever going but we are in love!  LOL.  Such a simple sweet treat.  After the sno cones, we decided to let the kids hang out at the playground next door.  So, a few pictures from some fun at the playground.

 Impatient are we Alex??  Reni on working getting up the structure.

Max just taking everything in.  

Is Yana excited or what?  LOL.  

Summer, just hanging around while Max gets ready to help Alyona.  

Not suer why they like this bouncy thing but they did.  I think my bunch took over the playground.  easy to do w/ no one there practically.  

Alex, showing us some of his skills. 

Little Bit is getting more and more daring, isn't she? 

He stopped long enough for me to get a picture.  He's a handsome one for sure!

Nik, just hanging around.

Logan and Alex's face were turning red.  Nik, the camera hog, snuck in for a shot.  

Alyona having one last go at the bouncy thing.  

And that was a Saturday afternoon spent at Pelican's.  We loved it!  Nothing fancy.  Simple stuff but lots of laughter.  Surprisingly, the teens seem to have more fun than anyone.  Then we went home to veg out some more.  Hey, you can have only so many veg out days allowed.  This was ours. 

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  1. Sometimes just doing the simplest of things creates the best memories. They all looked like they had a blast and that's what matters! :)