Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Resident Barber

He's at it again.  Max is what they call a Jack of all trades.  He's our handyman, pool boy, painter, barber, etc.  You name it, most likely, Max can do it. 

Max, starting to trim up Logan's hair.  

He's got such a good eye.  He just uses his eyes as a guide and measurement.

Max, trimming Logan up.  

Now this shows total trust of your big brother.  LOL.

Today is Wednesday.  Kids had VBS again today.  Otherwise, we hung out today.  I swam laps and we finally got rid of tent city.  Trying to make plans on a couple of things.  August is back to being booked up again.  Oy.  September is getting that way too.  Amazing really.  But, some good things in there.  Soccer coach called today and all the kids practice on a Tuesday.  Love it!  Soccer is starting up.  Yana is trying out for dance next week.  So, scheduled is going to start getting packed again.  7 of the kids go to the doc next week too.  Never dull, is it?  We all decided we need much more sleep.  Thanks for all the advice on Irina.  I do appreciate it along w/ the ideas of where else to look.  Inquiring about another program in the area tomorrow.  I know it's trial and error for sure.  We'll get there.  Need to post a bunch of stuff on Craigslist. I'm getting there.  We got our Allure Box today.  It's a fall beauty box.  TONS of stuff in it.  Awesome.  Girls and I are set for quite some time.  So glad.  They apparently do this once a year.  Helps us out a bunch for deals like this.  Boys are mad and want a mens box.  LOL.  I've found a few already.  We'll see.

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