Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Redneck Waterslide

You know you're from the south when....  Anyone remember the Jeff Foxworthy jokes?  LOL.  My Kids bring the term redneck to life some times as you've seen w/ a few previous posts in the past.  Today, I'm posting about their waterslide they made. 

And this is how you make a redneck waterslide.  Take any regular slide.  Drag the hose across the yard and attempt to spray said slide.  

Next, find a raft.  Preferably one bigger than the slide itself.  Or, you can easily drag the filthy snow sleds out from under the house.

Then, go down in complete hysterics.  I know this one is blurry but they were having so much fun.

Logan in a cowboy pose on a sled, going down a slide.  Umm, yeh.  Only at our house.  Think I should send these in the PPR??

Reni and Nik for attempt #2.

And, at the bottom they fall.  In complete and utter laughter.  

Not sure if Summer was trying to get people out of her way or what.

Summer decided on a different board for going down.  

And this is what it looks like at the bottom of a redneck waterslide.  No crystal clear water in this amusement park!  

Who knew so many Eastern Europeans  could become rednecks so quickly.  Reni, after she landed.  She was covered in mud yesterday.

Logan and Nik.  For some reason Alex did not want to go down.  He was the "pusher."  I think he liked the idea of pushing someone w/out getting into trouble.

 Not a steep slide but has some umph!

BTW, this was the first time I found out the turtle pool could even go down the slide.  

Our girlie girl Alyona.  Getting ready to join in the laughter of the water slide.  In the dirt and mud.  Boy, we need a gardener.  LOL.  

And that is how my kids create a redneck water slide.  I avoided the back yard at all costs yesterday. 

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  1. My daughter broke her arm like that, she fell off the side of the slide.