Monday, August 27, 2012

Porch dog, pie, & poison ivy

Time for a little bit of stuff around here.  I know i need a catch up post at some point.  In time.  Need to get some homeschool stuff ready for tomorrow. 

Digby is just content laying on the porch.  He really is.  Loves to be out w/ the kids and just watch the happenings.  He's our very mellow fellow.

Irina made an apple pie for a back to school treat.  And yes, it was as good as it looks.  

One of Bojan's arms.  He got poison ivy from helping tear down the fence.  Only problem is, Bojan also has eczema so this is tough stuff.  He's on the upswing now and it never made it up to his face which was relief for his first day back at middle school.  We have goatsmilk jewelweed soap they wash with when they get it to help take the edge off.  Also, benedryl which he says doesn't do a thing.  

This is his other arm.  It's just awful.  He wore gloves and long pants.  Not long sleeves though.  

Ironically, this came in the mail today...poison ivy treatment.  It did not make a difference for Bojan he said.  So there, product tested.  LOL.  

Kids had first day of school today for public school.  Not bad.  Just lots happening and trying to sort it all out of course. More tomorrow.  soccer is tomorrow evening too.  Good night all.

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  1. Oh, you can tell Bojan that Craig gets poison ivy that bad, too. Heck, the man gets poison ivy just by walking on the main path in a public park, touching nothing. For him, the only thing that works is prescription steroids to alleviate the symptoms.