Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pool fun

Summer is starting to come to a close.  Have a few more pool shots to share.  Hope you enjoy.  They really do have an awesome time in the pool.  We have to find a solution for next year.  There is a leak in the pool.  This liner is not that old.  We've gone through 2 liners for this pool.  It's nuts.  My kids are rough on everything.  Anyhow, some pictures to share.

 Umm, I think this picture speaks for itself.

Can't find a cuter swimmer!  Love her.

Bojan, waving for the camera.  The pool really is a lifesaver in the summer.

I know it's blurry but Max wanted an action shot.  Nik is just having a blast.

I know her eyes are closed but I just thought the eyelashes were beautiful.  

My little fish.  Thinking.  

And this would be why Max dislocated his shoulder the other day.  Too many brothers on his shoulders.  Seriously, he did.  He had Logan and Nik on there at one point.  Doc warned him so hopefully he got the picture.  He definitely loves his brothers.  Don't worry, they fight normally too.  LOL. 

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  1. We had a leak in our above ground pool liner last year. Seems one of the kids broke the flippers when they jumped in and then the broken plastic flipper put numerous holes in the liner. It took awhile but we found all the holes and patched them all and it's been fine this year. We were told to check where the wall and floor come together starting at the ladder and look there first as that is usually where most holes are. Hope this helps you out too!

    Sancy Mehringer
    Massillon OH