Friday, August 3, 2012

Pool Fun

It is summer time you know so we must have pool pictures.  Plus, wanted to try out a new camera underwater.  I have one camera.  No video camera b/c it got broken years ago.  So, honestly haven't had videos for years now.  Of course, I'm not paying full price for anything as you know.   So, caught a deal the other day for a new Kodak camera.  Video and camera. Goes underwater too!  Here's a link.  On Amazon, it's a deal at $88 and such.  Well, still found a better deal.  I paid $40 for mine.  LOVE it!  I know can video tape the kids.  Lots of fun.  Now, must say I don't like the quality as much as my other camera but for the money, love it as a video camera.  Plus, I haven't tweeked any settings so sure that's why the pictures aren't quite up to par.  So, thought I'd share a few w/ you. 

Nik.  Not smiling for a change.  Usually, he'll give me that fake cheesy grin.

Yana, just enjoying some swimming.  She was doing laps till her siblings entered the pool.

Honestly, I'm not sure who it is.  I know Logan is on the right.  Yana is on the left.  

Logan and Nik hamming it up for the camera.  

 Yana smiling while Nik tries to intercept a shot.

Nik, blowing bubbles I suppose.  

 Irina enjoying the water on a sunny day.

Summer showing me she can swim.

I'll be uploading a video soon too of Summer swimming.  In addition, I have some AWESOME kids to advocate for.  Much, much more to come! 

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