Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pool fun yet again

Hey, it's summer so I must take pool pictures. 

Irina and Alyona spending some time together.  Best investment we ever made years ago was this pool.  Between this and the trampoline, I don't know what I'd do without them.  My kids have always been out door kiddos.  

Nik, trying to smile despite the bright sunshine.

They have really become buddies lately and Summer tries to sign to him.

Poor Irina was so tired after this.  Alyona and Nik kept doing this over and over again.  

These were the kiddos swimming in the pool this day.  

And just b/c I couldn't decide on what shot looked the best.  They had fun and Max, Bojan and Logan were working on the benches.  Alex was being tested by me inside.  Worked out very well that day.  More to come.  However, I swore I wouldn't stay up late this week.  Tomorrow, Yana has dance try outs.  Nik and Bojan have a doc appointment.  Speech therapist comes.  Other than that, we're pretty free and intend to get things accomplished tomorrow.  Okay, so that's the goal here at Chaos Manor. Time will tell.

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