Monday, August 6, 2012

Old Orphanage pictures

We are a family that is still fortunate enough to stay connected to people from our childrens' old orphanages.  I highly suggest this to future adoptive parents.  Caregivers, directors, whoever to connect w/ your child's birth country and culture.  Once conversation over the years becomes more open, you find out all sorts of things.  In addition, you gain pictures.  We've gained several over the years.  Many of Bojan and of Yana.  It's a been a gift.  Truly, it has.  Going through some old ones & found one of a much younger Yana.  Smack dab in the middle of the picture.  Can you find her:

Wish it wasn't sideways but when I try to switch it to the correct position, it seems to readjust the size to even smaller. 

This is what it is like to say goodbye to your entire life.  Their faces say it all.  Many came out to say goodbye to Reni and Logan.  Was touching to say the least.  Glad I was there or I would have been mush.  

Yana's group of girls.  Notice how some try to look older than they are?  These were her "sisters" before we took her out.  They form a bond in their group, don't think that they don't.  When older kids get home, they genuinely have to grieve that loss.

Yana's referral picture.  Their hair is always cut short in orphanages.  All my kids' referral pictures it was hard to know who was a girl and who was a boy.

The only picture we have of Yana's biological sister.  The orphanage director said she was bad and refused to let us inquire about her and wrote her off.  That hurts when you know they exist and can't do a thing about it.  This region was highly corrupt.  Even Russians from this region that we met here in the states say the same exact thing.  You wonder for years how can they do that.  One day, hoping to afford a sibling search.  

This is Alyona's Russian Database photo.  Tiny little thing.  Typical giant bow on the head to distinguish that she's a girl.  

This pick up was literally a snatch and grab.  These were the only pictures we had as we weren't supposed to be in the orphanage.  Let's just say it's a very long story and involves corruption and someone wanting more money from us.  I'll tell you all more of that story one point in the future since it happened so, so many years ago.  Yes, that type of thing does go on.  We experienced it firsthand.

Alex is the second from the right.  Blue shirt, red shorts.  The 

We first came in, they were all just touching us.  Wanting to get a smile, just some sort of acknowledgement from us.  It was sad.  Just wanting human touch.  Those are the things all these years you remember.  This was a huge turning point in Alex's life.  He had lived in the orphanage about a year.  Trust me, you wouldn't want to know his story before then.  It was a made for tv movie yet unfortunately was real life.  There is a story behind each and every one of these kids.  Please, if anything else, never forget that.  Never forget what they've been through.  Must do something.  If you can't adopt, advocate, donate, pray.  Anything to help the orphans left behind. 

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  1. will you post their adoption stories one day?