Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nik's makings

The other day I forgot to put pictures up of Nik's makings.  Said I'd do it so now I am.  Better late than never.  so, here goes. 

We got some paper airplane making books at that book sale the other day.  The watermelon on the table is the last for the summer season.  Bummer.

Nik really is trying to follow along the directions.  Very visual kid.  But he does great.  Dying to get him to learn to read.  

He's ready for a mini test flight.  The big one is from the top of the stairs.  

Going back to make adjustments according to directions. 

Nik was quite proud of his creations and so was I.  The triangle one is SO cool!  I'm telling you, that book sale was awesome. Wish I would have had more to spend.  We would have bought out the place.  I love that Nik is trying to learn and wanting to learn.  That's what counts. 

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