Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nik and Bojan's appointments and....

trouble w/ the leg.  Alright, I'll start with the other day.  On Wednesday, I took Bojan and Nik to the doc for check ups.  Yearly.  Nik needed one shot and Bojan needed 4.  Nik is in the 25th percentile for height and weight.  Bojan is in the over 90 percentile. Nik's family is small and we know this as a fact.  Bojan's father was tall and his mom is too.  So, all healthy, all good. 

Now, for the problem.  The surgery that was supposed to permanently correct Bojan's clubfoot has gone wrong.  Yes, he went for follow up and they told him the pain was normal and x-rays were a-okay.  He had surgery at Duke.  Bojan has been begging, yes begging, for his leg to be amputated for quite some time.  He's 13 yo.  He knows what it entails.  He's lived with pain for YEARS people.  I know that these docs try to save a foot when they can.  However, at this point, we are strongly feeling this is a lost cause.  Bojan has truly been in pain for years.  The foot does not flex.  He can't run.  Doesn't bend.  I could go on and on.  Now, we have a circulation issue I feel.  He's foot's turning purple.  URGHH!!!  He said it hurts to walk.  Asked the doc yesterday and she said go ahead and call Duke.  She said most likely though, they'll recommend you to a vascular surgeon.  Lovely.  Once again, he's had enough.  Mentally, this child is totally prepared and able to handle an amputation.  NO DOUBT in my mind whatsoever.  We're all ready.  We've been doing this for years.  He came home at 6yo w/ a non corrected clubfoot.  Though, he did have surgery on it in Serbia. 

I appreciate the docs trying to "fix" a clubfoot.  But at some point, we need to get real and think about the long term.  He hates gym and I can't blame him.  Really, is it necessary to make him complete laps for an extra few minutes when the rest of the class is done?  They all know he can't run.  It's just fact.  I will discuss this in the upcoming year w/ the school.  All these years he's been a good sport about it.  But I can tell, Bojan has had enough.  Hoping when we call Duke tomorrow that 1) they'll see him and 2) they'll reconsider ALL treatment options.  Time will tell.  Any thoughts...good and bad are welcomed here.  I know this is a tough one.  There are tons of things I left out.  Too much to write really.  But you all get the idea.  When bojan first came to America, he had surgery.  That is the same surgeon that messed up Alyona so badly.  He also did Bojan's surgery wrong and the docs at Duke have tried to fix that as well.  There is so much to this story.  Long story short, we all seem to think it may be in Bojan's best interest to get it amputated.  Seriously, at the last surgery we thought it was IT.  No more surgeries.  It would finally be corrected.  He'd be able to walk right for the first time in his life.  No.  He walks straight now which is awesome but walking in pain w/ every single step just is not right.  Much more to say but need to get some other things done.  More to come tomorrow.  I'll call Duke first thing.  wish me luck. 


  1. Have you seen the Olympian Runner from South Africa? Oscar Pistorious, double amputee track and feild inspiration!

  2. I think you & Bohan should sit down and goo*le amputations and print out the positives of an amputation. How it will better his life. He already uses a prosthetic, so that wouldn't be a huge issue. It IS his body and ultimately should be his choice. He can refuse anymore surgeries to "fix" his foot. But, take the information and show them that you've educated both yourself and especially, Bojan and you're not coming into this blindly. He needs to get on with his young life and with a proper prosthetic foot/leg, he COULD run and do what he wants to do. I can see him being able to participate in more athletics and that in itself would be good for his health in the long run. ~ Jo