Saturday, August 11, 2012

Max's Makings

I asked Max to build me a patio set.  A set of benches and then a picnic table.  Unfortunately, the week's weather has kept the table from being built quite yet.  But, we have materials now and it will be done by Monday at the latest.  Can't wait really.  Max does everything by eye. 

And this is where his inspiration all starts.  From a pile of wood.  

He builds it to last.  Look at those bolts!  Though Warren is a little miffed about Max using his concrete screws on the top of it.  

Bench is indeed level.  Yard is not.  

Max, after a hard day's work trying out his makings.  He wanted to make it high so that people can lean back on it.  We'll be staining it all w/ white cedar.

Nik and Summer.  My two youngest of the boys and the girls.

Gives you an idea of just how big the bench is.  We have 2 of these now.  6 to go on each side.
Reni and Summer on the bench.  They're ready to eat.  No, none of my kids have a future in the fashion industry.  That is blatantly obvious.  Reni is wearing pajama bottomsand a cover up.  Summer, sweatpants and a 4th of July shirt.

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  1. Hey, the girls look good to me. The color match!