Friday, August 24, 2012

Max's Drawings

Well, I only have one to share today but I was impressed and hope you will be too.  Max always has a lot of detail.  His tools of the trade are always the same...a pencil and a straight edge.  So simple. 

Max's locomotive.  I don't know how he comes up w/ this stuff.  

Close up view.  Can you imagine drawing all that detail?? 

I tried to back off a bit.  I think he was attempting to make a mid-west town.  You can tell he quickly finished but still not bad.  The back was done fast.  Not sure why.  Sometimes Max thinks he doesn't like what he drew & then will just hurry up and fill in something.  The kid has talent though, that's for sure.  The engine is amazing.  Can't wait to see what he draws next.  I should get some of his really old drawings out if I can find them.  LIke from 2nd grade where he drew the capitol building.  Cool stuff.  Oh, and Clifford the dog.  

We're back from Target.  I swear, the start of next year I'd like to ban gift cards and money as gifts.  LOL  I don't think folks realize just how hard it is for them to process it all.  Spending of money, how much they have and understanding it.  It's tough.  FASers do not get abstract concepts.  They just don't.  Money is abstract enough to them.  Yes, it's tangible but figuring out what they have and don't have it just doesn't work.  So, Warren and I split up when they get money and try to work w/ whoever has money to spend.  Tonight was a bit of a nightmare challenge as we had multiple children w/ money to spend.  We like them to spend it all if they can as if there is any left it either gets lost in this house or taken by someone.  It's just the way it is.  Hence, why we don't like them having money yet.  Now, older teens such as Irina, Yana and Max do have their own bank accounts, debit cards, etc.  They are responsible for those and I make them look at their statements each month.  The rest though...oy.  But, we went w/ an open mind.  They do have fun shopping when they go though so it's hard not to want them to have it to spend.  And, we do understand it is easier for relatives to give cash or send gift cards.  I think next time I may actually pay someone to shop with them.  LOL.  That may sound mean but you have never shopped w/ my kids.  They are behaved in a store though.  I'll give them that.  I was mad at Summer tonight though.  Rule is go the bathroom before you go.  URGHH!!!  Yep, she wet her pants.  

Anyhow, we found a couple deals the girls and I.  Boys went elsewhere to look.  Finally got Nik a new body pillow.  He uses it to sleep on.  His was at the point of almost being what I'd consider rancid.  Yuck.  Yet, he loved his pillow and never wanted to part with it.  Well, this time, I convinced him.  He loves his new pillow and we managed to get the old one and already toss it in the garbage.  He's the only one who does this.  Got to love it.  Finally broke down and bought a hot pad for the kitchen.  Only one I have is one Nik made but it's small.  I really have no idea where mine went to.  We didn't really buy much.  We were there to spend money for the kids.  Alyona chose some nails to get.  Reni went to get food.  Junk food.  Goldfish crackers, chips and candy.  I said don't you want to get something you can use?  But her and Alyona decided early on they were sharing whatever the other one got.  And they have.  Logan got new clothes and a remote controlled car.  Alex bought chex mix and saved the rest of his money.  Max bought work boots.  Well, I offered to buy them as he's been our resident handyman for some time.  All in all, good trip.  No meltdowns or anything so that is really an awesome trip.  Girls and I were admiring various colors and dreaming how we want our rooms.  I did get the boys shin guards.  Dog chewed them up last soccer season & I can't find any at the good will or second hand shops.  Stinks b/c they're $13 a piece!  I needed 2 sets.  I know that doesn't seem like much to some but really it adds up.  

Tomorrow is soccer.  Need to get to sleep but everyone is too hyped up w/ what they got.  I really would love a family portrait done tomorrow. We'll see.  also need to get the fence started.  Another busy weekend.  One weekend we'll just sit and watch tv all weekend long.  Honestly, I think we'd be bored.  Thanks so much to all who gave various birthday money and gift cards.  The kids really did enjoy themselves.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  More to come tomorrow.


  1. Love the 4884 Big Boy, he has a great eye for mechanical detail.

  2. My husband used to draw like that when he was a kid...he's a nuclear engineer now. His mom saved a scrapbook with tons of drawings, many of them trains too. Max is very talented!