Monday, August 27, 2012

Manic Monday

So much to tell about yet so little time.  It really has been hectic around here lately but we'll get to a state of calm at some point.  To make this a bit quicker, here's a list of some things going on this week.

  • working on putting up a fence
  • cleaning up yard for fall
  • regular school started
  • homeschool started last week
  • need to register the kids for homeschool tonight
  • kids are in soccer this season
  • need to check on church clubs this semester
  • homeschool academy on Fridays was full
  • we've planned most our homeschool field trips today
  • going away this coming weekend camping
  • visiting the zoo, pottery museum, motorcycle museum and may go out to dinner too while away
  • I've become quite frugal at budgeting for trips (I'll share later)
  • dishwasher is still leaking yet thankful it still works
  • floor under dishwasher is soaked
  • lots of things broken in kitchen...stove handle, dishwasher, kitchen cabinets, etc.  Needs repairs done just don't have enough hands or time
  • sore from all the yard work we did yesterday
  • tried green plums.  Taste just like regular plums.
  • changed Bojan's schedule for school so he doesn't take PE this semester
  • changed Max's schedule so now he has an online math course
  • looking forward to this weekend
  • bought zoo passes today
  • need to get rv prepped to go
  • garden has pretty much reached it's end
  • in awe of the generosity of people
  • kids are coming along w/ homeschool stuff
  • Bojan is still in pain
  • vascular surgeon appointment later this week
  • soccer tomorrow
  • way behind on thank you cards
  • Yana's birthday is in September
  • need to take Logan to laser tag soon
  • need to plan Christmas 
  • house is not the best right now
  • still thinking about that sib search
  • still waiting to hear from NGO about Reni & Logan's sib
  • need to take Irina out job hunting
  • Yana and Irina need to take the driving test
  • need to buy more school supplies
  • was informed of a $75 field trip for high school today
  • where is that dog gone money tree
  • post placement is in September
  • so many plans to make and things to do
Lots going on as usual.  In addition, we are currently dealing with a few mental health issues right now.  Those are draining.  Really are.  But, we are a bit more seasoned than we used to be so can handle things when they come up and don't overreact too much any more.  I guess that's a good thing.  More posts are in the works for sure.  Have been busy with life lately is all.  More in a bit.

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  1. I'm so glad that nothing major was wrong...we worry when we don't hear from you in two whole days. :)