Monday, August 13, 2012

Manic Monday

Well, it was quite a busy weekend and never did get caught up on this blog.  You'll have to bear with me till I catch up.  Hey, life happens. Saturday was a busy errand day.  Warren and Max haul off trash while other kids and I clean up the whole house inside.  All of us eat lunch and then it was off to Wally World for some supplies.  I have decided as of late to try to cut costs anywhere and everywhere we can.  We'd like to travel more w/ the kids and plus, you never know what may transpire in the future w/ this family so figured why not try to make a tight budget more like spandex.  LOL.  Can't get much tighter than that, right?  Anyhow, girls and I really have gotten into making all the homemade cleaners.  Tons of recipes and it truly is trial and error.  And, it will truly save you a ton even if you already do coupons or things of that nature.  Just decide what you will and will not compromise.  Girls and I have already decided the Clorox wipes stay.  Sorry but all I have to say about that is dog vomit.  Enough said.  Our very first attempt was at a window cleaner that was an epic fail.  We actually were laughing about it.  But, second recipe was great.  We now have enough laundry detergent for  at least 8 months I'm guessing.  And, only cost me a few bucks to make.  The only product we have left that we haven't made yet is dishwasher detergent.  Need to order the citric acid first though.  We're learning.  And saving.  It's great and is really cool once you get going and kind of lose the "fear" of screwing something up.

Next, trying to make more of our own.  We rarely eat boxed stuff unless it's oatmeal.  Well, why not try to make our own oatmeal.  I've heard of crock pot recipes.  Decided to give it a shot last night.  Smelled delicious this morning but NONE of us could figure out why the mush was so blan.  No taste really.  Luckily, Warren saved the morning b/c the night before he'd bought donuts for breakfast.  Secretly, I think it was a 'if things go wrong w/ the oatmeal experiment kind of deal.'  We were quite thankful for the foresight.  BTW, it is way not cheaper to make your own oatmeal.  Cross that off the list and stick to instant.  Hey, it's a learning process.  We're getting there...slowly.

Boy, did I get sidetracked. Back to manic Monday.  Here goes:

  • Went to visit the grandparents yesterday.  Kids love seeing their grandparents.  
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Visiting the school this week. Had enough & it hasn't even started yet.   Hate IEP's but won't get into it...yet.
  • 7 doc appointments this week
  • 5 soccer practices this week
  • 1 voc rehab appointment this week
  • Seeing about a refi
  • Hey, only 5 more months & the cars are paid off!  Hey, had to throw that in there just b/c it feels great.
  • Warren's car needs a lot of work.
  • Allergies are wiping us out at this house
  • I hate that we can never keep the house totally picked up
  • Bojan's new shoes have fallen apart
  • Yana is painting her room...brown
  • Social worker comes next month
  • I'm not ready for school yet
  • Need to make a photo album to send to Summer's orphanage
  • Yana and her friend want to coach Summer's soccer team
  • I'm making bird feeders with the kids today.  
  • May start school this week some time
  • Planning out Christmas (don't ask yet)
  • Planning out fall camping trips
  • Going to a camping trip this month (zoo, train ride and pottery)
  • Found lots of great camping sites this past weekend (frugal!)
  • Boys are working on the final piece of my patio set
  • Staining set soon
  • Max is going to design and make Yana's bed (her old bed is in bad shape.  It used to be my dad's)
  • May seriously start a sibling search soon for some of my Russian kids
  • Need to list things on Craigslist this week
  • Contractors never called us back
  • Have decided Plan C
  • Need help building things and building the girls' new room
  • Pool is still crystal clear
  • Still waiting to hear from NGO about sibs of Reni and Logan
  • Soccer practice starts tomorrow evening for all 5
There is much more to tell about but I'll do a few posts after speech therapist leaves later today.  Therapist is here.  Got to go.  


  1. you might want to look into "Soap nuts". It's a natural fruit that makes a great detergent. We use it for laundry, but it can also be made into dish detergent and other cleaners. It's not super with stains, but great getting rid of smells and dirt. Apparently it's been used for years in Nepal & India.

    For glass, we use vinegar and water (half half) and some lemon juice to get rid of hte vinegar smell. On mirrors or darker glass, we use a newsprint instead of a rag, it seems to do a really good job.

    Homemade detergents are not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly and less damaging on one's health. Post the recipes of hte ones you have successfully made!


  2. I have made my own laundry detergent for about 2-3 yrs. I don't think I will ever go back!! Not only is it a couple of pennies per load, I just plain like it better!