Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Going to be a little bit of a busy week but not too terrible.  Here goes:

  • Bojan and Nik go for checkups
  • Bojan needs to get a new socket
  • Don't think Bojan's surgery took well. Looking at circulation issues I feel.  Bojan wants it amputated.  Got to call Duke and discuss options soon.
  • Nik really needs an ipad or Kindle Fire.  Both do special needs apps.  
  • Calling organization tomorrow about getting a tablet
  • Warren's car needs ALOT of work on it.  
  • Max is going to build me a patio set
  • Looking at Plan C options for house
  • Would love a money tree at this point.  LOL.
  • Finishing the dining room painting this week
  • Soccer starts this week
  • Speech therapist comes 3 days this week
  • Vet comes today to cut dogs' nails
  • 3 dogs need a bath
  • Summer can swim
  • Summer can swim w/out a life jacket!
  • Stunned at the price of clothing lately.  Thankful for hand me downs when we receive them.
  • Not in the mood to homeschool
  • Having a baking session at home on Thursday to stockpile cookies, cupcakes and the like for upcoming seasons
  • Yana's trying out for dance team
  • Max is mad about school and it hasn't even started yet
  • Next 3 months are booked
  • Looking forward to a mini vacation at the end of this month
  • Need to buy zoo pass
  • Considering doing a sibling search
  • Waiting still to hear of Reni & Logan's sib left behind
  • Kids are enjoying sherbet downstairs
  • 3 dogs getting a bath this week
  • Pool is crystal clear blue
  • Warren is coming up w/ all sorts of plans to do what we need to do w/ the house.  And, save money in the process.  Umm, anything that involves chicken wire I feel I should be concerned.  LOL.
  • Garden is still growing
  • Need to make many photo albums
  • Trying to plan Christmas (don't ask)
  • Looking for someone to watch the kids in Nov. or Dec. sometime so Warren & I can actually have a real anniversary get away.  It will be our 15th.
  • Lots more happening around here.  No time to write though.
  • Going to be advocating today for some very special kiddos.  Stay tuned! 
Been a few busy days but good busy.  I will never take the boys shopping again and will write a little more about that and selfish orphans.  Yes, they do exist!  URGHH!!!  Anyhow, many more details on that later.  I must first finish a post I promised to do.  I am finally, finally down to about 16 emails to answer.  I am getting there.  Slowly.  More pictures to come.  But first, advocating for angels is next.  Great, great kiddos ready to find their forever families.


  1. Totally understand the selfish orphan. It was quite surprising when Andrew came home. We expected a kid who had nothing to be content with whatever. Not so. He wanted everything he saw. Unfortunately for him, he is the baby of 5 kids and a not so rich family. He learned eventually.

  2. Do you know how old Logan and Reni's sibling is that was left behind? Wouldn't it be a miracle if you could adopt him/her too. OR ME?!!! :-/ I'm wish it were that easy.