Monday, August 27, 2012

Lots of people, yet so alone

Strange title I know.  however, this is the way I felt for Nik at his soccer game this past weekend.  So many that care about him.  He longs for socialization yet can't seem to achieve it.  When there are people he won't communicate with voice or sign.  It's just hard to watch at times b/c I know all he wants is a friend.  Thank goodness he has quite a few siblings to keep him company.  I don't think he could do it otherwise.  His siblings are his life line.  I put him in other activities to try to get him to socialize.  Even last summer we had a deaf student live with us.  Nothing from Nik.  Now, I'm not forcing him to be social.  He actually wants to be.  However, he doesn't seem to know how.  Those years of early childhood still impact him greatly.  Institutionalized autism is what it's called.  Those months he went back home and was just ignored and left to rock back and forth all day.  Yep, I'm sure that didn't help.  Orphanage life followed and though it provided structure, he heard nothing.  Not a bit.  No hearing aids, no implants, no acknowledgement he was even deaf.  He's caught up immensely in so many areas.  We're still behind on socialization.  Now, he is very comfortable with the church so that's good.  Still so far to go.  It was evident in the soccer game this past weekend. 

 Nik, running through the banner before the start of the game.  He loves this part.  

I know most of them look zoned out.  Nik truly is zoned out though.  He can't understand any of what they're saying really.  

I was across the field zooming in on this.  This boy tried for quite some time to talk to Nik.  Nik scooted further away and just kept wringing his hands in his shirt.  He does this all the time.  Doesn't know how to react around people.  It's hard.  He's surrounded by people yet so much alone.  I want so much more for him.  

He does enjoy kicking the ball though. 

Nik played half the game as goalie.  He really is focused when in this spot.  

Nik, doing something with his hands again.

Nik didn't realize what was going on around him.  Despite me signing to him (like any 9yo, he was ignoring me), it was time for the game to start.  So, his team mates went over and helped him put on the gloves to move things along faster.  I thought this was really sweet of them to do for him.  

End of the game, is snack time.  That is always a favorite for any kid.  LOL.  We enjoy watching Nik play.  He likes it.  Soccer was pretty much all day for us.  After this game was Alex and Logan.  More posts to come.  Making pizza for dinner tonight.  Warren's bringing home the mozzarella so may be awhile. 

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