Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Logan's neverending birthday

Well, last week was Logan's birthday.  He seemed to get things though everyday so it seemed to never end.  Thought I'd share a few photos from Logan's never ending birthday.  It was his first birthday in America.  More on that later.

Logan getting ready to open his card.   Notice Alex's face.  He is like this w/ every single person in this house.  He hates it when others have a birthday adn he doesn't.  We used to have to send Alex upstairs while others opened presents b/c he seriously couldn't handle it.  He has gotten better over the years but as you tell from Alex's facial expressions, he has a little further to go on being happy for someone else other than himself.  

Ooh, a Target gift card from Nana and Poppop!  (my parents).  

Everyone looking on to see what it says.  

Logan reading the card.  

He's thinking here what he's going to buy at Target.  He ended up getting a remote controlled car, clothes and candy.  He shared the candy w/ everyone.  All my kids do that when they get birthday money.. they buy candy and share it w/ everyone. 
Alaska is really hoping she gets a goodie box.  Poor pooches.  

Everyone waiting to see what was inside and what mom and dad had bought for Logan for his birthday.

A new mp-3 player w/ a touch screen!  You can play movies on it too.  

Logan looking at all the things it can do.  parts that come with it.

Big sister checking out the new electronics.

Irina helping him out.  He was very happy with his gift from us.  We are able to find some refurbished electronics for the kids which helps.  Blows my mind on how much some families spend on birthdays or Christmas.  He has the same type of joy w/out the added cost.  His player works great and he's enjoyed it for sure.  He only wishes it had a camera.  Christmas kiddo.  LOL.  More pictures to come of more of what people sent him. 

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