Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Landscaping on a budget

When you have a bigger family, having a gardener is just not an option.  Shoot, it wasn't an option when both of us worked w/ no kids.  Our yard is only an acre.  Trust me, we need much, much more land.  For now though, we are where we are and making the best with what we've got.  There is quite a bit to landscape and budgets are always tight.  Just the way it goes.  So, sales are our friends.  Also, ideas here and there. 

These are impatients.  no, I did not plant any new ones.  These are annuals.  HOwever, if you plant them, they'll go to seed and spread year after year.  This was taken a few weeks ago.  Those gaps are now covered w/ flowers.  No buying any, no caring for them, nothing.  No money spent.

A closer shot of how they fill in.  Those plain green leaves on the hostas are new growth on the verigated plant.  Need to cut them out & plant them elsewhere to grow as well.

Ignore the containers that Nik hung up on that plant hanger.  URGHH!!  You can see how tall these get and no maintenance.  The flowers in the front here are impatients I did buy. Verigated ones.  They were just $1.47 on the clearance rack b/c they were "dying."  I planted them knowing they'd go to seed.  They're doing fantastic.  

Our first post up!  We're building a fence.  All by ourselves.  Well, Warren and Max are doing it really.  Though Yana did help dig some of the holes on this part.  

Well, I have a hosta garden w/ various hostas.  Plus, I cut mine and replant in various parts of the yard.  they grow back just fine.  Well, this batch was on sale at Lowes for just $2 a piece.  Great for planting.  

Got ot love the before shots, huh?  We're putting up a fence.  Anyone want to help?  This is going to take some time just given the amount of time we have free to work on it.  Doing projects yourself saves thousands.  Literally.  We couldn't afford to put up a couple thousand dollar fence.  We must do it ourselves.  This will make life a ton easier on all of us.  However, needs to go up first.  Think we could have a "fence raising??"  Poor Warren and Max are working hard.  Hoping we can get a good chunk of posts up during Labor Day Weekend after we get back from our zoo trip.  Time will tell.  

Yep, we have a long ways to go for sure.  wish we had help but this is all us.  So, this will take quite some time to complete.  You have to stop several times an hour just to tend to the kids.  In addition, with FASers, there is no cause and effect thinking.  It costs us much, much more than most folks b/c we have to buy whatever they destroy.  Like the nails in stuff b/c they're trying to "help."  The white line in this photo is the string.

The kids are always lounging around the deck by the pool.  Well, not really a deck.  So, thought they'd enjoy this cushion.  It was on clearance at Lowes.  Never pay full price....ever. 

Another place to get flowers/ shrubs is the Habitat for Humanity store.  Here, they sell them for just $3 to $5!  Shop around.  Craigslist has them all the time for free if you come dig them up as people post.  Landscaping does not have to be expensive at all.  We recently got a ton of azaleas, good sized ones for $6.  Now, if the kids could stay out of the yard, that would be wonderful. 

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