Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping the animals fed

We have some animals in this house.  3 dogs, a pile of fish, a guinea pig and of course nature all around us that we also help feed. Thought I'd share a few pics of feeding the animals.
Summer fed the dogs.  Can you tell?  What you can't really see from this angle is the mound of dog food formed on the top. I think Digby was thinking "do you expect me to eat all this food?" 

They really are working hard on these things.  Lots of concentration.  The other kids came out later and made some feeders. 

Nik, rather proud of his bird feeder.  

Reni and that stupid fake smile.  All my kids go through this stage where they don't give a real smile.  Drives me bonkers for sure.

Think they got enough peanut butter on the pine cone?

I promise you she's not scared of it.  NOt sure what that look is for.  

Nik and Reni showing off a bit.  I will get rid of that fake smile though.  Kids had fun w/ this.  It's simple, easy and it feeds the birds.  And squirrels of course.  

tonight is Friday.  Warren and I are going out with friends for the first time in ages.  Leaving the kids here w/ 2 of their friends and hoping for the best.  Warren is making them subs downstairs right now and then we'll get ready to go.  We're going to a comedy club.  Never been to one before so very excited to go for sure.  It's right in town so not far in case something happens.  The rest of the weekend is very much a work all weekend on the house.  We'll take the kids out tomorrow evening to an event.  Should be fun.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  More to come tomorrow.  Hope we laugh till it hurts! 

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