Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happenings around the house

Today is Saturday.  We had an FASD Pool Party here.  Met a new lady and her daughter.  It is always wonderful to share with others similar experiences in raising your kids.  We learn from each other.  I also had my friend's daughter over today with us as her mom had to work and her dad.  It's tax free weekend here in NC and if you're related to working in retail at all, your pretty much living at work for the weekend.  LOL.  Her and Alyona and Reni had a blast together so that was nice.  We had typical cookout food and just chilling the rest of the day.  Now, compiling a list of what needs to be done tomorrow.  Tons.  Thought I'd share a little of what's going on around here lately. 

I've given up on ever making my bed again.  This happens every day.

Max is getting stronger with help from his younger sisters.

Summer is learning how to feed the dogs.  Her motto is more is better.

Yana is making up routines for dance try outs. 

Summer is practicing to be cute as ever.  And growing like a weed.

Nik is learning how to let people touch him.  Trust me, this is a big deal for him.  Some help from little sis doesn't hurt any.  

Other happenings are trying to figure out how to make more space in this home.  It's a tough thing to do.  Very tough.  Again, best option is to sell but just not conducive to sell in this market.  So, here we must stay and adjust.  We originally wanted to add a garage and put a room above it and such.  Sorry but at $70K and more (most of them being triple digits!), we simple can't afford that nor would we want to.  Back to the drawing boards.  We've come up with an idea to add sheds in the backyard.  Redo the inside to make more room...sort of.  LOL.  We're painting a lot in here lately.   Fresh colors and have decided to let the kids do what they want in regards to colors.  I figure, it's only paint.  It's their house too.  We don't live in a museum and you only live once.  Might as well be happy about the room you spend a lot of time in.  And though I'd love to change the color of our yellow living room, it's been this way for years and it is HUGE.  Too huge to paint.  Honestly, with the height, you need scaffolding.  Something we're not willing to do at this time.  We're sprucing things up and drawing plans to make more garden containers here.  We can't get the acreage, we'll create it so to speak out of wasted space.  Also, will serve as a ball catcher.  

We go to Lowes tomorrow for Max to get supplies.  Max is going to create me a patio set!  Yep, sure is.  We want a place to eat outside and just didn't want to spend $2K to get a patio set that would fit us all.  I will take pictures of Max working and the end result.  This is his first attempt.  I have faith in him though that it will turn out right.  Just getting a lot of little things done so we can enjoy all that is ahead of us in the fall.  

I am getting to work on doing some more advocacy work for orphans.  If you remember, this is how we ended up with Alyona and Nik.  LOL.  Not this time.  I also am getting photo albums together for Summer's old orphanage and caregivers.  Also, one for Bojan's mom.  Just trying to get some little projects done here and there and it is taking some time.  I know the last week the blog has become last on the priority list.  It happens.  Life comes first.  More to come. 

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