Friday, August 24, 2012


today is Friday and I know I've been slack this week. It is our first week of homeschool so time has not been as freeing as it used to be.  But, getting our feet wet and into the swing of things.  Got schedules made for this semester of what we're doing, field trips we're taking, etc.  Also, trying to resolve Bojan's issue.  We're going to a vascular surgeon next week.  yep, our pediatrician got us the script AND made the call for an appointment after Duke sort of washed their hands of the whole deal.  This will be a starting point if nothing else.  Geez, kind of stupid to have a starting point after so many years but it is what it is.  Other stuff has been happening around here and I'll get to all of it over the weekend.  Really, I will.  Right now, waiting on a call from the farmer for me to go pick up our weekly order.  Yesterday, my kids ate 5 lbs. of oranges, 3 lbs of grapes, couple courts of blueberries among other things.  People always are asking what can you use.  My answer is the same each time...clothes and food;  food and clothes.  These kids go through a ton of food which is awesome b/c most of it is fruit & veggies. However, those don't come cheap.  I'll never forget the time we were at a family gathering a few years back.  It was an eye opener for my kids. 
"Mom, are they going to just throw all that food away in the garbage?"  "yes."  "Why, mom?"  "I'm really not sure."  See, they didn't have the concept of saving food.  They just would go out and buy more.  Our kids were stunned at all the waste but I was SO happy they didn't say anything in front of everyone.  We put all the leftovers(rare to have any though) in containers and they are usually gone w/in a few days time.  Why throw perfectly good food out?  I've never understood that.  To each their own.  You think differently of food however when your children have come home skin and bones.

I digress. Just been one of those weeks where I've needed to get stuff done.  We all have them.  So, that's where we are.  Right now, a friend of mine took Irina, Yana and Logan to the mall and then Walmart.  He's spending his birthday money.  He is SO excited.  First time going to the mall.  We don't really do the mall thing.  Every once in a blue moon really.  Glad she's taking them and they're having a blast.  We're having baked potatoes  & soup for dinner.  After that, Warren and I are taking whoever wants to go to Target.  Logan has a gift card from my parents from there.  In our house, we must use the gift cards immediately before anything happens to them.  Trust me on that one.  Tomorrow, we're waking up early for soccer games all day.  It's that season again.  Nice for fall time.  Though, nowhere near fall time here weather wise.  We're also hoping to get some new fencing up.  We have to build it ourselves.  Will be wonderful to have a fence for the dogs to play in.  Big project that will take a few weeks to complete as we can only do it here and there.  Quite a few big house projects we must get done.  And, since the boys have reached critical mass in their room, we need to really get this done.  Fence, shed and making the girls a room.  Any volunteers?  LOL.  I'll have to post some pics as well of a few things we've been up to.  Soon.

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