Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fellowship with friends

Before I forget, Chelley from Australia, please email me at  I can't find your email address.  Thanks so much!  Last weekend we went to church.  Afterwards, they had a fundraiser for operation smile. LOVE that organization and what they do w/ cleft lip/ palate issues in all countries.  Awesome.  So, we had to go to the fundraiser.  It was a luncheon fundraiser.  Yeh, helps that there is always great food at our church.  Not kidding folks.  Anyhow, thought I'd share some pictures from there.  It was taken w/ the new camera so not as clear as I still have yet to do the settings on it right.  I'll get there...some day.

Yana and Summer waiting for church service to begin.

Ahh, who was the genius that dressed her in a brand new white dress to eat spaghetti.  I wonder.  

Irina and Bojan just chatting away to folks here and there.

Alyona.  What more can I say.  She's a teenager now.  

Not sure what Max was doing hanging out in the kitchen.  Who knows.  But, seems happy about it.  

 Max, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. 

Nik, following in big brother's footsteps.

Reni, trying to help.  She then moved plants when she realized chairs were a tad too heavy for her.  Glad that my kids always seem willing to help.

More posts to catch up on and some wonderful kids to talk about. 

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