Monday, August 6, 2012

FASD...Speak out and speak up!!!!

Hey Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Advocates,

Want to tip over a boat together? See, we have a problem. You already know what it is: women are hearing some very confusing messages in the media about drinking during pregnancy. Instead of wasting any more time complaining about it, think about what could happen if this TEAM of ours moved fast to the same side of the boat. In May, we did a survey to identify our first collective target and the lucky winner is: Dr Oz! (A great choice, y’all -- when he recommends Chia Seeds, the Chia Seed People run out of stock!)

Our Vision:

Between August 5th – 15th, Dr Oz’s production staff will receive 5,000 emails requesting that he dedicate a segment of his show to this public health issue. (Do you think they’ve ever gotten 5,000 emails about a single topic in ten days before???)

We are not going to argue the science of small amounts of alcohol on the brain. Instead we want Dr Oz to be gripped by our concern that messages about “safe” drinking are being misunderstood, twisted and passed around among women – and therefore, No Alcohol is the only no-risk public health message. We will be compelling, passionate and informative in our short emails. We will give it our best shot and feel satisfied knowing that we did SOMETHING.

I’ve attached three different examples of short message you can send to the show. If you can, please personalize it with your particular brand of passion for this issue. If you don’t have time to add a sentence of your own, PLEASE still send one of these templates.

Here’s the link to the website – I tried it out and it took about 90 seconds to follow the link, type in my info and copy / paste one of these templates. (In the drop-box Subject line, choose “I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A SHOW”)

 You can tip over the boat for babies and their mamas in THREE TINY STEPS:

1)    Contact the show yourself. Seriously, it takes 90 seconds – and every email matters.

2)    Pass this email on to all of your contacts, with your endorsement.

3)    Click on our survey – it only has one question: Where Are You From?

We want to credit every member of our FASD Team. We’ll post the State-By-State results on our website for FASD Day – and we’ll figure out something snazzy to do for the winning state. (Let me warn you – Kentucky is gonna be hard to beat!)

Little things add up to big things. Thank you for being a part of this.

With joy and gratitude,

Laura in KY

Please visit Kentucky's Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders website at

and find us on facebook: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Kentucky