Saturday, August 4, 2012

Early b-day gift

The other day I found a bargain.  Go figure.  Have to do it w/ this bunch.  Anyhow, Nik's birthday is October 3rd so a ways away. However, a bargain can be found any time.  Nik broke his camera awhile back.  LOVED that camera by v-tech.  Found one the other day on Amazon on sale w/ no shipping.  Decided to get it and save it for Nik.  Well, the package came Friday.  I asked Nik if he wanted it now or later.  Surprisingly he said later.  I asked again about 20 minutes later after I saw him bouncing in the living room.  Went to get the box.

Nik, getting ready to open the box.  

He's really digging inside as Summer is anxious too.

I think this made his day!  

Nik truly loves to take pictures.  A form of communication for him for sure.  Plus, he loves to be like his older brothers.  works out well.

He will really get a lot of use out of this.  It also has a few games on it.  Reni has a pink one like it.  Now, I must really think of what to get Logan for his birthday.  His is August 23rd.  He has told me he wants a jar of pickles(dill), an mp-3 player, and a cross for his neck.  See, at the orphanage a kid stole his cross he told me  Well, he described the fighting as well but I'll spare you the details.  I do think it is a reasonable birthday wish list.  See what we can do.   Just thought I'd share.  We're entering b-day season again. Starts in June.  June-- Alyona, July-- Alex, August-- Logan, September-- Yana, October-- Nik, December-- Summer and Irina.  If you want cake, come to our house.  LOL.  Have a great weekend everyone. 

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