Friday, August 24, 2012


Last night was Reni's first soccer game of the season.  Warren and I went along w/ Alex, Logan, Nik and Summer.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from the event. 

Not sure what that face is for.  But, it's a cute one.

Tattered and torn.  These are Summer's favorite boots.  She has worn them since she's been home.  I bought them big.  I paid .50 for them at a yardsale.  Thinking, she'll look cute in these.  Summer absolutely loves shoes.  In Bulgaria she would stop at every window shop and ooh and ahh every time we saw shoes.  I'm not sure how much longer these cowgirl boots will last but I'll let her wear them for however long she wants.  they are hers.  And hers alone.  She does not have to share with others.  Her shoes.  No matter what they look like they were bought for her and are hers to wear.  

Alex, keeping watch from the sidelines.

Though Reni's soccer game, this is the only picture I got of her.  why?  Because she was in constant motion and playing great defense that I couldn't get any other clear shots.  So, most these shots are of the kids on the sidelines when she was not playing.  Maybe next time I'll catch her if she'll slow down for me.  Reni loves to play soccer and it shows.  Her dream though is to play volleyball.  

People ask if she is ever not happy.  Not much I can honestly say.  Summer just eludes joy everywhere she goes.

Logan, holding onto some of his birthday candy from a friend of the girls.

Nik, trying to convince Logan he is taller than him.  

Now Summer wants to say she's taller.

Logan giving Summer a lift to help prove a point to Nik.  

Nik thought he'd be slick and make faces.  He watches my finger to see when I'm going to push the button and then makes a face.  Lately, it's just driving me insane.  

Okay, while we were there, a fire truck pulled up to watch the game.  My kids were practically drooling to go over there.  So, told Alex and Logan to stay and I'll take Summer and Nik to go see the truck.  We were just going to admire from afar.  Nope.  The Garner Fire Department let them go inside the truck!  Explained things to them and all.  It was awesome.  It really was. It absolutely made their day.  Probably their month.  The gentleman was super nice.  BTW, he used to work w/ autistic kids.  It just shows how great their character is.  They didn't have to open the truck for them at all or take the time to do that.  They just did it out of kindness.  They told me we can go to any Fire Department and tour.  We have a local one here & I'm going to ask them if I can take the homeschoolers there.  Would be wonderful for them to experience.  

Reni had a great game.  They lost 3-2 but still a fantastic game to watch.  We provided snack and then went home for Logan.  while we were gone, the older kids were decorating the house for him.  More on that later.  Getting ready for Warren to come home & then we're all headed to Target.  Logan got a birthday gift from my parents to Target.  And in this house, need to get rid of a gift card asap or it gets lost.  Or cut up or something crazy happens to it.  When I get back I'll write a few more posts.  In a writing mood this evening.  So watch out. 

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