Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chaos Manor to a tee

Okay, so last night, Friday, Warren and I went out w/ friends for the first time in literally years.  And I do mean years.  Thought since kids are older, they should be able to watch them the 3 short hours we'll be gone.  My friend had won tickets to a comedy club so we got to go.  Something different, something without kids.  We also are keeping another child w/ us the whole weekend.  And my friend that I went with, her daughter stayed at our house too.  Rule was no one could go outside.  They all love the trampoline, pool, climbing & jumping from trees, etc.  So, set them up w/ a movie no one had seen...The Three Stooges.  Everyone had eaten.  they were good to go.  We left.

Got a text during the show saying Max won't take out Kota and Nik & Logan covered their bodies in nail polish.  I'm not making this crap up folks.  This is what happened.  Came home after the show.  Dogs had NO water and were very thirsty.  Watering the dog is Yana's job.  Nice.  They broke a glass jar I've had since childhood w/ seashells in it I collected over the years.  House was a mess.  That is nothing new really and was expected.  I asked Irina to fold mismatched socks.  Whatever she couldn't find a match to, she threw away!  Yep.  She threw an entire basket of socks away.  Nik and Logan painted their bodies w/ nail polish.  They also dropped Alyona's ipad (leap pad version) in the toilet after they painted it.  URGHH!!!  She's only had it since July!  They will have to pay for this and let's just say they both have b-days coming up.  Guess what they're buying?  This was just mean and uncalled for.  They found it funny.  We did not. 

I know in the grand scheme of things it could have gone a lot worse.  So, I should be thankful.  However, I was hoping maturity level would have been higher.  I should know better.  We call it Chaos Manor for a reason and this is why.  Things happen here.  It is 24/7 hypervigilence that is required to parent this bunch.  It's just the way it is.  That being said, it was wonderful to go out w/ friends and sit and laugh a bit.  Today is a work day around the house.  Big work day.  May, and I use the word may lightly, take the kids out to an event this evening.  We'll see.  Suppose to rain so it may be off anyhow.  Have a great weekend and I'll share a bit more later. 

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