Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cardiology news

This will be quick as we're between appointments.  Today first up was Summer and cardiology.  See, w/ c-ACC, 20% of them have mid-line heart defects.  So, needs to be checked out.  Long story short...ALL CLEAR!!!  Wahoo!!! No cardiologist needed for Ms. Summer.  Relief.  Came home and then Warren took Irina to Vocational Rehab appointment to fill out papers.  This lady he said was MUCH better than the last one we interacted with.  She did say job prospects are grim and it will take quite some time to find a job.  So now, we need to work on references.  Going to see if the folks at Camp Cheerio would write a reference for her for when she volunteered for the pre-school group.  They said she did such a good job they want her in that same position next year.  Just need to figure out who to get in touch with. 

Next, warren and I are going to take Bojan to be casted for a new socket.  He can't even get in his any more.  Seeing if they can grind it down some more temporarily till the new one comes in.  More to come later tonight.  Got to get ready for Bojan's appointment.  Just had to share the good news.

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  1. Hurray for Summer! We had a cardiology appointment today as well and our little miss is going to need a surgery at some point. For now though, no restrictions, no meds, and monitor every six months.