Thursday, August 30, 2012

C-MOW is ready to roll

Well, it's time for another adventure.  Our last big one was this summer at the Bulgarian Reunion.  This one is just a mini trip of sorts.  But, lots packed into a short time.  We're not going far.  Just to Asheboro.  About an hour and a half away from here.  But, we're camping this time and up for all the adventure that may come with us.  We have C-MOW (Chaos Manor on Wheels) packed up a bit and ready to roll.  Kids are really excited.  I'm actually surprised all of them are.  So, here's a few shots of all of us before we hit the road.  I will be offline till Sunday.  Then I'll have a ton of photos to share.  For now, a few to share.  Well, actually quite a few so we may do this in two parts today.

You think she's buckled up enough?  This is not her backpack.  Hers is a smaller Tinkerbell one.  We use backpacks on short trips when we go and the duffel bags on the longer trips.  Love that we have a set for each.  Some of our Eddie Bauer bags we've had for 15 years!  We buy to last.

Alyona wanting to model her backpack for me.

Reni getting in on the action too.  

Resident handyman Max opening up the cargo holds on the rv.  You know, I don't even know how to open those things up.  I figured the less I know on that thing, the better.  LOL.  Like too many cooks in the kitchen type of thing.

Everyone helps.  Some of the kids getting things loaded up.  Amazing how much you need to take for 12 people even when it's just a short trip. 

Yana, taking a break from packing.  

We try to pack the cargo holds first before putting anything inside the bus.  There is a lot of storage even for 12 people.  We have to take the tent this time.  That green bag is the tent.  And, some sleeping bags too this go around.  Trying something new and seeing if it works out.  Wish us luck.  LOL.  

Digby, hoping to become a stow away.  One day we really should take him with us.  Limited on room though.  

Summer is so excited for another trip.  Told her to stow away her backpack.  She put her coloring books where they go inside and then put the backpack under the bus for us.  Teach them young to help!  She dressed herself again.  That's not a dress but one of her sister's shirts.  Hey, she has clothes on so we're making progress.  LOL.  

Yana and Max mowed the yard.  The rule is before we go anywhere on a trip, the yard has to be done and the downstairs picked up so we don't come home to a messy home.  Now, this go around there is  a fence we're building so the backyard is  a wreck.  oh well.

Kids taking a break and watching Power Rangers.  I swear we have furniture to sit on.  Yet, this is what they choose to do.  Whatever works.  

We really are ready to go on this mini getaway.  Next post will be on Sunday as I don't do anything on the computer while we're gone.  I believe being w/ family is important on a trip to connect & well, blog posts can wait for sure.  Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone and we will be back on Sunday to share all our adventures.  Good and bad (though hoping there's not much of that).  

Just wanted to give a big thank you to whoever the mysterious person was that sent us this poison ivy cleansing foam.  I've never used it before but know we'll be trying it soon.  Like this weekend.  See, we're going to be staying at campgrounds and then coming home to work in our woods on the fence.  Lots of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak.  A big thank you whoever you are as that was really sweet to think of us and all that itchy stuff.  The jar on the left is homemade Vaseline.  A post on that when we get back.  Good night and safe travels to all those going somewhere this weekend. 

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