Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Butterflies, bubbles, and brotherly love

We had soccer practice this evening and then headed to Target for a few more school supplies.  Not that they're expensive or anything.  Geez.  It is what it is though.  Logan spent the last of his b-day money thank goodness and then argued the whole way home about where his money went.  Got to love it.  My kids looked like they belonged in a people of Walmart photo for sure.  Oh well, they had clothes on.  Came home and Warren cooked a delicious stir fry meal.  Kids are in bed for the most part and after a few blog posts, I've got catching up on paperwork to do.  Got quite a bit to share.  Getting there slowly.  Meantime, a few photos to pass the time.

A butterfly came to land on Irina the other day.  It had a hurt wing so could not fly.  

Irina was more than happy to let it crawl all over her.

this thing really tickles when it's crawling all over you.

Summer, not too keen on having a butterfly crawl all over her.  She looks a tad bit scared here.  Don't worry, her fear fled quickly.  

Summer thinking of getting a little more brave.  

Nik really enjoying his butterfly time.  He put it on the flowers then when he was done with it.

Look at the size of the bubble Max blew.

And the popping of said bubble.

The other day, these 3 decided to plop down on the kitchen floor and paint their nails.  Funny thing was, Logan volunteered to do it!

Forgive the shirtless child, she just got out of the shower.  Alex requested this picture.  Nik came up behind them...camera hog as usual.   Don't you just love the clutter counter decor?  The 2 watermelons & cantelope on the floor add just the touch.  

Logan was being a great brother to his sisters.  The towel is not for them and the nail polish.  The dishwasher leaks now.  Have to keep life interesting you know.

I actually have the cutest picture of Summer w/ Logan painting her nails.   But, not enough clothes on.  So, this one is just as cute.  He's really taking his time w/ all his sisters.  Now, how many brothers do you know that would paint their sisters' nails like this?  Guess what?  About 9 months ago, he would not have done it either!  He's fit in well w/ the good brother role.  Now, don't think he's always this nice to them.  He is their brother after all.

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