Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy, busy day

Okay, so I got slack on here.  Chaos Manor got well, a little chaotic for some time.  Last night was the first soccer practice for all of them.  They all did great.  We were debating whether or not to let Alex and Logan go.  Why you may ask?  Well, right before we were leaving, Alex and Logan had the worst fight ever.  And I mean ever.  Now, I have 5 boys.  They will indeed fight from time to time.  It happens.  I fought w/ my sibs growing up too.  Nothing unusual.  However, this time, it was a big fight.  Biggest one they've ever had.  I was downstairs cooking and Max and 'L'(girls' friend) broke them up.  I was livid.  Of course it was over something stupid.  Told them they were both grounded.  And I do believe for the first time in my life my beta blockers were not working as I was so mad.  LOL.  I mean, they're brothers.  Onto soccer we went. 

Yana and her friend are volunteering to assist w/ Summer's team.  I applaud them for that as working w/ preschoolers is never easy.  It was great seeing all the kids in action again for soccer.  Love it.  Neat seeing other parents too.  Oh, and the pickle fairy came!  Kid you night.  Another random act of kindness spotted.  Apparently, they read this blog or facebook.  I think I mentioned it on facebook.  Not sure about here.  Anyhow, I was saying what Logan wanted for his birthday and how all the kids like pickles.  We were surprised with 2 BIG jars of pickles!  Just was very thoughtful and sweet for whoever did it.  I love when things like this happen to us b/c it 1) really helps us out and 2) really makes you want to share with someone else.  Makes you want to help others.  Hard to describe the feeling really.  So, we all left with smiles on our faces. 

Went home and had a crappy dinner.  Okay, lately I've been getting frugal recipes to try to save money so we might be able to go on more trips and things of that nature.  And, try to save for Nik's needs.  Neptunes would be nice.  Found a chicken pot pie recipe. Slapped it together and told Irina to put in oven at 450 and take it out at a certain time.  Well, she did.  And dropped it.  One of the big pies dropped so not enough for everyone to eat.  Plan 2...chicken noodle soup.  Granted, better than nothing but wasn't in the mood for it.  Nights like those you wish you had a secret stash of restaurant gift cards.  Chicken soup it was and then bed for everyone. 

Today, I took all 10 to the doc's office.  Had to b/c the older kids were being seen.  All 5 that got seen got shots.  Irina and Max got blood work done as well.  Max got x-rays too.  He dislocated his shoulder yesterday and popped it back in himself.  Logan and Nik were on top of him in the pool.  Apparently, Max has the kind of joints that go in and out easily.  doc told him he must be aware and be careful as later that will lead to arthritis.  That and he's more prone to knock them out of place.  Also, they x-rayed his thumb.  See, a few days ago we noticed Max's hands.  Asked what happened.  He said a long time ago, as in over a year, he hurt his hand.  BTW, NEVER told us.  Turns out, he must have jammed/ broke it.  Doc said that in turn stopped his growth plate.  In other words, that thumb stopped growing.  Can't do a thing about it now and it is functional.  Just goes to show you even years later these orphanage kids are tough!  Nothing surprising today other than Max.  Irina is going to work on losing weight.  Actually, she lost another 2 lbs. which is awesome.  For those that aren't aware, when the whole CPS thing happened last year, Irina gained weight.  It affected all our kids differently but really affected her.  We're working with her too at the weight thing.  Very happy that she's trying.  We can help each other and that is always an awesome thing.  They're checking various levels just to be sure everything is the way it is suppose to be and we don't have another underlying cause such as thyroid.  See, we have no family history for her so it complicates things just a bit. 

When we left, receptionists said the kids were great.  I was very relieved to be sure.  See, we got there around 10:30 and didn't leave till 2.  That's a l-o-n-g time for anyone.  Got to the house and there was a big garbage bag full of toys and clothes!  My cousin Allison dropped it off.  It was wonderful.  Can use all of it.  In fact, the kids and their friend played Scene it for nearly 2 hours straight!  Teens and all.  Oh, when we got in the door, I noticed the vitamins on the floor.  My Vitamin D capsules were all over the floor.  So was a bottle of glue.  Alaska had gotten into them.  Looked up Vitamin D toxicity in dogs and watched for signs all afternoon.  She's fine so I think she only got the bottle open and not consumed.  Dumb dog will eat anything. 

Had a very late lunch and speech therapy was canceled obviously.  We knew yesterday that was a possibility and told her.  After lunch, it was about 3pm.  We were all beat and watched Cake Boss.  Nik started drawing a cake of course that he wants for his birthday.  Umm, good luck w/that kid.  I was supposed to go out for a girls' night movie night tonight but honestly, I was just too stinkin beat.  Just tired.  So, asked if she could find someone else to go tonight but that Warren and I are still going w/ them to the comedy club on Friday.  Just lots going on here and there.  I'm still way behind on posts but again, life comes first.  Tomorrow, we have cardiology for Summer, Voc. Rehab for Irina and prosthetic appt. for Bojan.  Poor Warren took the day off tomorrow and Friday to work on the building of our shed.  I wish one day he could take a non-working vacation day and actually go on vacation.  One day. 

Hoping we can get a lot done the next few days.  There is just so much to do around here and time is running out w/ the kids going back to school soon.  I'm behind on that.  Finally made a schedule out yesterday.  Hope we can stick to it.  Planning a few field trips as well for the homeschoolers.  Can't wait to learn and do some things this fall.  More posts forthcoming.  Just need to organize life a bit more lately.  Do have a sib search post coming soon.  There is just tons going on in this house lately and trying to decide what stuff to share first.  And some things of course we keep to ourselves.  One day, I will write about mental health disorders and how it does indeed affect a family.  FAS, PTSD, RAD, etc. ,etc.  More on all that later.  For now, need to take care of some other things around here.  Like the kids not going to bed.  They're in their rooms.  Have been for some time.  Chit chatting away.  That's both good and bad.  Bad they're up but great they have each other to talk to. 

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