Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bugs, building and bikes

It's time to share a few more pictures with you all and take a break from our cleaning.  Been cleaning out the rv and prepping for the next trip in 2 weeks.  We'll be heading to the zoo this go around.  Seeing some other things such as pottery and also going to a transportation museum complete w/ a 25 minute train ride.  I think it will be fun. Or hoping for it to be fun.  We'll be doing all sleeping and cooking in the rv.  That will be a first for us.  Keeping fingers crossed it goes well.  We're also cleaning out all our other vehicles.  The van and the HHR.  Not an easy job but w/ lots of hands it doesn't take too long.  So, this is my break time.  Better get to pictures.

Nik, still my bug man for sure.  He loves hunting for bugs.  

I hate that he picks up all my rocks but I let him anyhow.  I'm never going to win yard of the year so who the heck cares what the kids do to the landscaping.  I know one day their bug hunting days will be through and I'll miss it.  

Max and the boys getting to work on the table.  

A very well supported table.  Trouble is, legs were supposed to be spaced out evenly.  They're not.  But, for a first shot, not too bad.  He was eyeballing everything.  

Max putting on the last set of legs for the table.

Max and Alex checking out the new table after a swim.  Citronella candle to keep some bugs away.  There is now a yellow umbrella in it which provides shade.  We did not put the fence up in the background.  Personally, we hate it.  But, that's just us.  Our old neighbors and us used to cross back and forth in the yards more like it was all one.  It is not that way any more and change is hard but we're getting used to it.  So, we've decided to add to the fence and box in our back yard for the dogs.  That's what we're working on this weekend.  Tearing our old fencing down to make room for the new one that we'll build.  Due to costs, we unfortunately have to build everything ourselves.  That's great but just takes us 15 times as long.  Is what it is.  I think though we will get years and years of use out of the above picnic table.  Max built it to last for sure.  I'll take a picture w/ the stain once it's done.  Need a few clear days w/out any chance of rain so it dries properly.  

We have a major bicycle issue in our home...we don't have enough and the ones we do have are pretty much broken.  Max and Warren keep saying they'll fix them but some are honestly beyond repair.  So, I know fall is coming & they'll be asking to ride again.  need to get onto some yardsales.  Give a shout out locals if you hear of cheap bikes for sale.  Here is Nik making sure this one works.

Bike is way too big for Nik.  But, he's riding it anyhow.

And, he's off!

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  1. Love the picnic table!!!!! We totally need one of those. We don't have as many kids, but we do enjoy having company. What talented creative kids you have!!!!