Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boys, bees and bye-byes

One of those weird titles.  hey, I find random pictures and I try to make it work.  LOL.  Sometimes I can, sometimes  I can't.  So, time for pictures I think.

Those are sticks sticking out of Nik's head.  He sticks magnets to his implants.  He'll be great at Halloween.  

Waiting for it to land.  Alex has really shot up this summer.  Maybe we could stop feeding him.  LOL.  

Alex, ready to toss the Frisbee.

Nik, proud of his catch.  

Closer look just in case you thought there was nothing in there.  Geez, you'd think after being stung over 30 times at once a few years ago, he'd know better.

My baby boy is growing up.  

Just like this picture for some reason.  Looks like he's deep in thought though I'm sure he's planning something a little more sinister. 

 Courtney with all the kiddos.  They truly miss her.  We enjoyed having her here and do hope she can come back and visit soon.  Hey, maybe we could take her on a camping trip with us.  I think she'd run from that idea of a CMV(Chaos Manor Vacation).  Seriously though, we enjoyed her company. 

Another shot to say good-bye.  Summer was sad that "her Courtney" was leaving again.  She said with us a few weeks ago as well.  Oh, she even brought us ALL Westminster College t-shirts.  Very sweet of her to think of everyone.  

More posts forthcoming.  For now, need to get some sleep.  We're actually taking advantage of tax-free weekend tomorrow and doing some much needed shopping for the kids. Unfortunately, shoes are not handed down too often and are always needed.  Hoping we can score some deals.  We'll see. 

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