Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bonding brothers (what it takes)

When you adopt a new child, you never know how the family dynamics are going to change.  Will it be a good thing?  Will it be bad?  Will it be ugly?  Will it be all 3 of those things?  Our family has done something more than once that the adoption community (especially agencies) ooh and ahh about.  What is it?  Adopting out of birth order.  Yes, we've committed that horrible act that is deemed not so great by many adoption agencies.  Shoot, some won't even let you do it.  For us though, it felt right.  But, once again,  you never know how it will turn out.

See, Max and Bojan are extremely close.  They claim to be biological.  LOL.  Being this close is both good and bad.  They were so close, that they wanted no one else "in."  Can you see where this is going?  So, for months we've been dealing with our older teen boys not quite accepting their newest younger brother...Logan.  Though Logan was trying and trying.  This was hard as well b/c he was trying by being annoying.  Yes, he was.  He'd throw stuff at them.  He was trying to get their attention but it just made things worse.

Well, earlier this week, Max and Bojan were going to build me a patio set.  They complained  a lot about me making Logan help them.  "he'll get in the way mom."  "We don't want him to help."  " We can do it much faster by ourselves."  Yes, I heard it all but I stuck to my guns.

Notice, just these two to start out with? 

One of the benches.  It is extremely heavy.  No, it's not crooked.  It's the unlevel ground. 

Max wanted to make a very high back b/c he hates sitting in chairs, leaning back and your neck falls over the edge.  Good point he had.  Everyone can lean back in this one.  Look at the size of the bolts he put in that thing.

They came up with the saying for the picture taking.  Working buddies.  All still smiling after working together all afternoon.

They did it together.  All 3 of them.  NO fighting.  NO disagreements.  Cooperation all around.  Trust me, I was stunned. 

A closer view on some faces here.  Squinting b/c sun is bright as you can see.

Starting the second bench.  Here's where having a workshop would come in handy.  But, they make do and that's good too.

Logan holding the bolts for bojan.  It's treated Lumbar so they're working w/ gloves on in case you're wondering.  They're finishing the second bench today, Wednesday.  Tomorrow is building of the table.  It will all be sanded and stained this weekend.  proud of them for sticking to it.  Can't wait to see the finished product.  After this, Max is building Yana's bed.  It will be like a Murphy bed coming out and folding up to the wall.  Cool, huh?  Got to go.  Speech therapist is coming for Summer and Nik.  Then, we have Max cooking hot dogs on the grill for everyone.  I just got back from taking Nik and Bojan to the doc.  More on that later today.  Enjoy your day everyone.  More posts to come.  One day, as I always say, I'll be caught up.  one day. 

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