Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blessings abound!

Oh, so many things to share with you all.  So many wonderful things that happened this week that I had to write them down.  I don't have pictures of all of them but do of some.  No particular order.

First blessing to tell you about is all the way from Florida.  A huge box filled with school supplies which truly come in handy this time of year.  Jennifer filled it with many things I can use for homeschool.  Thank you so much.  

She even included these sensory seats.  Nik and Summer love them and actually use them.  Seems to even work for Nik which surprised me.  Kota is terrified of the things.  Dog seriously needs therapy himself.  Not kidding on that one.

Look at how FULL this box is!  It has so many things in it for school.  We'll be using it all, I'm sure.

In the mail this week, we received a box full of school workbooks!  It's great b/c it was just what we needed.  Kids were so excited, they've done a couple already and Summer is practicing the Dr. Seuss cards.  Thank you so much Janah from LA!  Very sweet of her to think of our bunch.

Another wonderful blessing this week was this electric piano.  Our friend Linden gave it to us.  The kids have been playing it ever since!  It's awesome.  

I was worried they'd lose interest quickly but not really.  They found a beginning book and began playing.  Nik found a bench that works perfectly w/ the piano.  They really are showing cooperation.  Surprisingly.  But goodness, if I hear Mary Had a Little Lamp any time soon, I may go insane.  

Logan is taking Alyona's hand and helping her w/ the keys.  As you all may be aware, Alyona is severely affected by her FAS.  She is on a kindergarten level for everything for the most part.  I think Logan has finally realized his sister needs help in certain things.  He was willing to teach her.    I can not tell you how much our family appreciated this gift.  Simply amazing.  

After soccer practice the other day, we came home to a giant garbage bag filled w/ toys and girls' clothes.  My cousin Allison had come by and delivered them to us.  Another blessing all in this same week!  Unreal.  

To top things off, my friend gave us tickets to a comedy club for this evening.  We went w/ them and laughed.  Actually laughed w/ no kids.  It was nice. Just was an awesome thing for her to do for us.  Thank you Rebecca!    Can you believe all the blessings we were showered w/ this week?!  It's been tough financially w/ high electric bills (summer heat) and trying to get all specialist appointments in for the kids.  So all these things came at the best time really.  All these people helping us out really means the world to us.  There are so many generous hearts and hope I get to return the favor one day. 


  1. Wow! You are doing something right...because I just put together a box too...I am sending out tomorrow. :) Your blog is lovely, the kids are beautiful.

  2. I was just thinking about the workbooks you have for your kids, and how expensive that can get (I taught 2nd grade for years). There is a book called Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks that has a ton of activities to practice the same skills the kids would do in a workbook, but with games. All you need are cards and dice. My students did really well with the games, and it helped them to really know addition and subtraction facts. And everything uses manipulatives. I hope it helps :)