Monday, August 13, 2012

Blessings abound and books

Our Cleveland Library is closing.  Sad but it is.  So, they are selling off books.  Thousands and thousands of books.  And get this, all for $1.  Even better yet, educators (including homeschool teachers) can get books for the classroom use for FREE!  Wahoo!  So, Bojan, Irina, Yana, their friend and Summer went w/ me.  Rest wanted to stay home.  We went and scored big time!  It was so cool looking through all the books.  It's not the same reading online.  Sorry, it's not.  I like to turn the pages myself and not click a key.  Maybe it's just me or I'm just old fasioned.  Whatever the reason, I like books.  We loaded up a whole lot of education stuff and even got some unused workbooks too.  I think the neatest thing we ended up with was a collection that looked pretty old.  It was bound together and in a plastic bag.  It was a whole bunch of pictures of the Civil War.  I figured why not.  Was very intriguing and we thought it had a lot to offer.  We had no idea till we got home and researched exactly what we had found.  Of course google and ebay were my friends on this search.  The little booklets bound together were titled 'Civil War through the Camera.'  It is dated 1912!  I found the dates on them when we got home and that's when I decided to look it all up.  Apparently, it is a collection of 16 booklets.  It is rare to have all 16.  We have all 16 in this collection.  Having 16 sells for a couple hundred dollars.  Each booklet on ebay individually seems to be selling for around $24 or so.  Not bad.  Ours is not in mint condition.  In addition, this is something we'd keep anyhow and really have enjoyed so far.  We just thought it was a really cool find for FREE and so neat to have something from way back when that shares an incredible amount of history. 

We found tons of books.  Summer was elated w/ her Dora finds.  She's into anything Dora now.

Quite pleased w/ her selection.  She is into anything Dora or Diego.  Screams w/ delight.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the books we found.  Spent some money but well worth it for sure.  Got a wonderful art book on symbolism.  Just really cool stuff.  Tons left.  We didn't even hit the cd racks.  So much stuff.  Locals, go.  That's all I have to say about that.

Blessings abound some more!  Alyona and Reni are sporting some new pj's.  The other day we had an FASD Support pool party here.  A lady came and has an older daughter.  Well, her daughter had outgrown a few things.  So, she was kind enough to bring over some clothing the other day.  As you can tell, the girls LOVE the nightgowns.  And, they've been wearing all the new bathing suits as well.  Thanks so much Kathy!  

The other day I received a package with my name on it.  So, I opened it slowly and anxious to see what's inside.  It was for me!  Turned out to be 4 shirts for the summer.  These are definitely going to be put to good use.  All mine have kid stains on them of course.  This was a wonderful surprise and another blessing.  

This is the note that came inside the package.  Isn't it sweet?  Nice when you're older to still get things from mom.  Thanks a ton mom!  

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  1. Sounds like a great option to stock your bookshelves!

    If you ever decide you no longer want those Civil War pictures, my CW Buff husband and son would be thrilled to have them (to keep not sell)! I wouldn't be able to pay what they are worth but could give you something for them. What a find!