Monday, August 13, 2012

Birch box

As you know, I get subscription boxes every month.  Believe it or not, some of these can really save you lots of money.  Especially, in a house like ours w/ 6 girls.  There is an awesome site that tells you of all kinds of subscription boxes to fit your needs/ wants/ etc.  Also, ones to stay far away from...scams.  Yes, they exist unfortunately.  I've tried 3 thus far.  Cravebox, Birchbox, and Glambag.  Last month I meant to cancel Birchbox but never got around to it.  So, as of this month I'll no longer receive it and stick to the other two.  It's all personal choice.  It's not bad, it's just "not me."  Everyone has their own personalities.  For our family, Cravebox and Glambag fit us a bit better.  However, we did receive our last Birchbox and thought I'd share. 

They always come so nicely wrapped up inside.

A sneak peak at what's inside.  These boxes are like a little bit of Christmas each month.

I'll tell you I loved that shampoo sample in the very back.  However, at $55 a bottle, I'll never be trying it again.  LOL.  Perfume also smell very good.  The mascara we liked too.  And of course what girls don't like a nice Schick razor?  Not bad stuff for sure and we'll be using it all.  We'll miss it but we have to look at our budget and we just can't afford them all.  

I highly suggest going to this site .  It has tons of info and categories on the bottom left.  I never knew there were so many of these boxes out there.  For men too!  Would love to try more but we have to stick w/ what works and what is w/in our budget.  I do see how folks could easily get carried away.  these would make wonderful Christmas gifts for someone as well.  Hint, hint.  LOL.  More posts to come.  I'm determined to get a few done today.  Boys have almost finished the picnic table.  Can't stain it b/c the chance of rain the next few days.  But, it will get there.  And, Yana finished painting her room today.  I'll have to take pics once she moves back in.  Next step is Max will design a bed that folds up to the wall.  Can't wait.  He'll probably design it tomorrow and rest up a bit from all today's work.  Then, start Thursday most likely as Warren has off Thursday and Friday.  Lots of appointments we have that day.  Well, more later.

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  1. Hiya!

    Do your older girls wear makeup? My 15 year old just started, and we are having so much fun with all the different fun products and colors.