Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There are so many folks I'd like to recognized that have blessed us recently.  It really has been amazing.  A first is a dear friend of ours who has offered her babysitting services any time we need them.  In addition, she told us she may just show up one day and force Warren and I to leave.  Yep, she's determined to get us to go out on more dates.  Seriously though, it is just such generosity I can't put our appreciation into words.  So, thank you will have to suffice.  We will in the next month take her up on her offer.  Can't wait. 

This is only a very, very small portion of what we received from a lovely lady named Courtney.  For those that don't know, Courtney came to film our family for a documentary she is doing for college.  Well, she sent down a bunch of clothes that Yana truly appreciated.  Box after box came.  Honestly, she needs to work for the airlines b/c this lady can pack a box!  Huge thank you!  Now, hurry up and come visit again.

The other day we received a box from New Jersey.  It was from a fellow blog reader.  You can not imagine the excitement in the living room as we were seeing what was inside.  It was packed full to the gills.  

 Logan and Nik checking out their goodies.

Whoever was taking a picture took one of me.  I threw it in so my kids can't say I never have any pictures of me on here.   With cleansing wipes that are so easy to use, there is never an excuse to not wash your face before bed. 

Logan is absolutely giddy about all the goodies in here.  

What you don't all know is that this is Irina's favorite razor of all time.  She & I go back and forth about it b/c I hate these things. LOL.  Irina loves them and won't shave w/ anything else.  

Once Summer saw Dora, it was all over.  This is all she held onto.

Even Kota wants in on the action b/c the excitement is just so high.

Not only did the boys get an individual packet, they also got this big case w/ AXE products to share.  Tons!  Hey, my boys finally smell good!  I'm thrilled.

Look at all these things.  And this was NOT all of them either!  The girls were great about splitting things up.  Umm, they offered me the anti-aging serum.  Got to love kids and their honesty.  Yeh, right.  I got some lotion and we all received lip balm.  

I don't know how she knew but we LOVE Burts Bees products here.  They're local too though I've never been to their shop in Durham.  Need to make that a field trip one day.  LOL.  We haven't had dry or chapped skin for years b/c of Burts Bees.  So to see this bag of Burts Bees products in here was really exciting.

Irina reading some directions while Alyona checks out the boys' stuff.

And Summer would not let go of her Dora body wash.  Summer is a Dora fanatic.  Seriously, she's of stalker material when it comes to Dora and Diego.  LOL.  And the lip smackers were right up her ally. 

Heather from NJ went above and beyond in the make people happy category.  It was so amazing.  Very kind and generous heart to do that for our family.  She thought of everyone and everyone was very appreciative of the gesture.  First thing my kids said was we really have to write her a thank you!  They wrote one and it's sitting here till I get stamps.  I know, I'm terrible.  I really couldn't believe all that was in that box for our family.  Everything will be put to great use.  It really was a wonderful blessing.  Thank you really isn't enough.  Heather, you are sweeter than chocolate!  Thanks for making our day year!  

More posts later tonight I do believe.  I'm working on a few.  For now, time to go make chicken fajitas for dinner.  Yum.  Tomorrow we pack up for our short trip on the road.  Can't wait. 

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  1. Summer is Dora the Explorer. That's her right there on the front of the bottle. :)