Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Been so busy

Not much time for blogging lately.  Life comes first of course.  I'm frankly exhausted this week.  Had horrible sinus pressure and such and just plain tired.  Hoping to be on he upswing soon.  Other than that, good.  I started homeschool this week.  Right now, they're outside playing.  They've done reading and writing in journals.  We're starting off history w/ the presidents since it's an election year.  We're then getting into the revolutionary war this semester.  Hoping to keep their interests up. Different levels for math obviously and still trying to decide on where to start science.  Thinking we'll study astronomy this year and weather too this semester.  We'll see.  This week is really to get their feet wet to get back into the groove of school.  We actually accomplished a lot more than I thought we would and the motivation is there to learn.  Relief.

Now, we have decided w/ much certainty that Alyona will be homeschooled.  We calculated last night how much gas would be to take her to this school as she would not be allowed to ride the bus.  Don't get me started on that one.  It would cost us around $200 extra a month just to take her to and from school.  Frankly, don't have it and still a tad worried about her in a middle school setting.  I mean, would you put your kindergartner in there??  Cognitively, that is where she is.  Very delayed.  And though in a self-contained classroom, she'd still be w/ the general population here and there.  And I know how well that worked out for my other child. URGHH!!!  So, for now, she'll be homeschooled w/ the rest of them.  She has mixed feelings and I can't blame her.

So, starting homeschool this week has taken up a good chunk of time.  Today we have orientation at the high school.  Bojan has an appointment at Duke.  I may have to go into the doc at some point this week.  Having some pain that I just can't quite understand.  It will get figured out though.  Ready to hear what Duke has to say about all this w/ Bojan.  Soccer is tonight but we'll have to miss it due to everything else going on.  Someone though has offered to take them to practice.  May take them up on it. 

Been doing a lot of planning lately of various things.  tons to plan for.  I need more hours in a day.  I will catch up on a few blog posts I have in the works and some pictures for sure.  Just wanted to say hello and I'm still here.  Hope you all are having a wonderful week. 


  1. Sorry you're under the weather. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs.

  2. Hope you do go to the doctors! I had a headache for 3 weeks and went to the doctors last Friday and found out it was a Sinus infection so now am on antibiotics and now feel a bit better. :) Get well quick!!