Monday, August 27, 2012

Alex and Logan's soccer game

Right after Nik's game was Logan and Alex's game.  I'll warn you that there really aren't too many pictures as they were flying up and down the field!  Seriously, couldn't get a good action shot.  Both are really agressive players and really go for it so to speak.  Alex headed the ball and is now thinking twice about how high up they should be in order to head it.  LOL.  And no, he didn't get hurt.  Remember, Alex knows his limitations.  For those new, Alex has a horseshoe kidney.  One big kidney essentially.  So, no contact sports such as football or wrestling.  I have a feeling in the high school years he may need to wear some protective gear just in case.  For now though, we're good.  Both he and Logan love to play and are rather good in my opinion.  (& from others giving us their opinion on the boys).  Anyhow, Alex scored a goal and Logan scored a goal in the game.  It was the only two goals the team would have.  Unfortunately they lost 4-2 but is was truly an awesome, awesome game to watch.  ALL the players on their team gave it 110%.  Very cool.  So, a few pics, mostly of before stuff.

Getting some practice drills in.

Not sure what's going on here.  Doesn't Alex look like a natural soccer player?  Trust me, he is.  He has innate talent.  

Believe they were running some more drills here.  

One of the guys from his team congratulating him on his goal.  

Logan has to get the last word in here.  Oh, one parent said "oh, they're brothers?"  I said yes.  She said "oh, that's why they were fighting w/ each other."  Umm, yep.  That's why.  Both are so competitve and both must be right.

Ready to start playing ball!  

Another mother and I were laughing ourselves silly over Logan.  Okay, my son has a problem.  Problem:  he always has to be the boss!  Or coach or whatever.  Always.  We are working on it with him.  He took it upon himself to show and tell everyone where they should be on the field.  Drove me nuts!  Self-confidence is NOT an issue for our son.  I told him to leave the coaching to the coach.  Coach told him next time to worry about coaching himself.  LOL.  His coach can read our minds.

Logan, just waiting till it comes his way.

Alex, trying to protect the goal. 

It really was a fantastic action packed game to watch.  One day, I should video tape them playing.  Well, 3 posts down.  More to come.  Dinner waits so need to get busy. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I am just curious are your kids in a special needs league or a typical league? I have my kids in a challenger league. I would love to chat about adoption and Dx's. I always felt my youngest was MisDx'd and think he is more "typical" of FAS!