Monday, August 27, 2012

After soccer treat

After soccer on Saturday, we decided to treat the boys.  We don't go out that often for various reasons.  Shoot, even a simple fast food meal costs us a small fortune.  We'd been at soccer for hours all day.  Took the boys to Subway.  Very happy despite the loss they just had at the game.  And, sometimes it is just nice having a few kids at at time w/ you. 

The boys enjoying a meal that was well deserved.  They played hard.  Meatball subs for the boys.  

Just another shot of them.  They all wanted to sick at the high table.  

Logan really signs to Nik a lot more.  I'm incorporating ASL into school this year.  We all need to learn more and there is a lot out there to learn.  Have to start somewhere.  Nik and I already do a few sites but I'm realizing it should be ALL of us learning at the same time.  Duh, mom moment.

Alex and Logan.  We were trying to get rid of all evidence before we got home.

Nik, goofing off.  Boys, still not all that happy about their game.  This was a great day for a life lesson for them.  Sometimes, you just lose.  Accept it, understand it and move on.  As you can tell, Nik could careless if they win or lose.  Maybe his brothers can learn a thing or two from him.  I'm not saying don't be upset if you lose.  It's a natural reaction.  However, Alex & Logan carry it to a whole other level.  Saying they're quiting, giving me all the reasons it was not their fault, etc.  Essentially, the sore loser syndrome.  LOL.  It takes time to work on that and that's what we're doing.  The one thing Alex is really getting better at displaying...empathy.  Can you believe it?!  Empathy.  those of you with RAD kids know exactly why that is so profound.  More on it later. 

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