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Advocating for Angels

It is high time I focus some of my time for some of the children left behind.  See, once you go to an orphanage, it is VERY hard not to want to do something.  Anything.  I can be a voice for the voiceless.  The ones who need some help shouting their names from the roof tops to let them know someone does indeed care.  Someone knows they're there and wants to help.  Why do you think we ended up with ten kids so far?  You go and you just feel compelled to go back if you can and if your family dynamics allow it. 
Over the years, I've advocated for various kids.  Many, many have found homes.  I have gotten to know many people and met many more in person at various reunions and meetings.  Helps to know someone in person.  Anyhow, I've always said I'd help shout out for the kids.  I was never tied to any one agency or organization.  That being said, there are a few VERY urgent situations we must spread the word about.  I can not give pictures on here publicly.  Trust me though, handsome kiddos.  Time to get started on this awesome kids and really get the message out that they exist, they're waiting and some are even HERE!  Yes, here in NC to meet personally! 
1)  First up is a 12 boy.  He was originally adopted from Asia.  So yes, this would be a rehoming placement.  It would take place here in the states.  This wonderful guy is just needing a chance.  He is deaf and they are indeed requesting a fluent ASL family for this young man.  Someone who has understanding of past issues such as trauma would be very helpful.  As with a few of the children from institutions, their past can be tough.  His progress this year though has been phenomenal!  I read about the before and after and was just stunned at all this young man has accomplished.  He could only sign a few words to knowing hundreds.  He can read, etc.  Simply amazing progress and in the right forever family, will thrive.  Fees are minimal.  Time is of the essence as THIS MONTH, this child will be lost in the foster care system forever.  It is very difficult for older children in foster care to be adopted from what I've heard.  Here's a small excerpt about him:

Donny is relatively athletic and likes to swing, plays putt putt golf,basketball swim, ride a bike, skate board and enjoy activities outside. He is curious bright eyed determined to learn student has some trouble with math. He loves peanut butter sandwiches and would like them every day for lunch. He is a big Spiderman fan. He is independent in all his personal self-care and does not need to be reminded or prompted.
2)  There is a group here in the Raleigh, NC area that is currently being hosted.  All the kids but 4 have found a home.  I know you think that's fantastic but seriously, we can get ALL of them to find a home before they have to depart.  I'm sure of it!  See, I've hosted before.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  It gives you great insight to the children.  I know these kids are only here for a little longer but even visiting for a few hours would give you great insight.  Speak with their host families and learn about them.  Truly learn about them.  I have heard these are just awesome, awesome kids!  And, being here weeks at a time, the host families have a real grip if there might be issues.  There is one boy in particular that many have been touched by.  I have an excerpt on him and this comes from the host family's info they provided.
Vladic is an 8 year old boy with the cutest, sweet smile. His smile
lights up his face and you can’t help but smile back. He is an
engaging child, who is alert and aware of what is happening around
him. He joins in to activities easily and seems to catch on to them

Vladic came to the orphanage about a year ago from a shelter and no
one has ever come to visit him or contacted him. He is truly alone.
His teachers say that he may have some learning disabilities. However,
he tries very hard in school and in our lessons at camp.

Vladic seems like a well-rounded child. He likes to do physical
activity, but also will sit quietly and draw, color and read with good
focus. He has enjoyed picking out stacks of Russian and English books
at the library. He enjoys swimming, rock wall climbing, and
playgrounds. Vladic seems very athletic and well coordinated – when
rock climbing, he even did gymnastic flips and rolls onto the crash
mats that astounded everyone. When he was at the beach he and another
boy would flex their muscles and grit their teeth (with great big
smiles) as a wave approached. It didn’t seem to help much as they took
a tumble each time in the waves, but they came up laughing, ready to
try again. At home, one of his favorite activities is to jump and flip
into the overstuffed bean bags.

Vladic has not been a picky eater during his visit and has enjoyed
foods such as beef & pork dumplings, spicy Italian and four cheese
tortellini, kielbasa, cupcakes, peroghies, dill pickles, strawberries,
green grapes, watermelon, bananas, peaches, cherries, multi grain
Cheerios, pancakes, water, milk and Sunny D.

He enjoys the computer and likes motor sport games, but not excessively.
He will play for awhile and then move on to something else without
prompting, like
playing with cars, legos and some of his other toys. He enjoys playing
with other
children and plays well with them, whether with a board game or on the
He has really taken a liking to his host family’s dog and two cats and
treats them
well and with affection. Likewise, they have taken a liking to him –
the dog often
follows him around and the more friendly of our two cats is often with
Vladic when
he is playing cars on the floor or building Lego or reading books in his room.

He is polite, kind, helpful and has a great sense of humor with a
contagious laugh.
He is also seems to be very gentle.

It should be noted that we do not receive any medical history on the
children who come to the United States for a hosting program, as this
information is confidential.
The commentary in this profile is based solely on opinions of their
host family and
others who have interacted with them during their visit. All children from hard
places may have trauma, family history, or medical issues that could have a
lifelong impact.
3)  Natasha is a spunky 10 year old little girl and her 8 year old brother Kolya is all boy!  They are very close and have always been together. In a lot of ways they are quite different, but they do share the same adorable dimples.  Though Natasha is small, she has a BIG personality. She loves music and regularly
performs in dances at the orphanage. Her teachers see her as hard working and calm. She also particularly enjoys embroidery and other crafts. Natasha is absolutely beautiful and is looking forward to her hair going back out after it was cut at the orphanage. Natasha wants to be a painter or a vet when she grows up. It’s clear as she has completely fallen in love with her host family’s dog, Penny. She even enjoys reading big picture books about dogs.

Kolya loves playing sports, especially soccer. He also really enjoys playing with little cars, legos, and figurines. He has a lot of energy which his host family has found can be well directed to fun and productive activities like connect the dots, double digit math problems, 3-D puzzles, and activity books. He will do well in a family with structure, discipline, and consistency to help him direct his energy to help him achieve all he is capable of. He will also need a family that understands a need for a low sugar diet. In such an environment, his host family has seen Kolya play independently, enjoy a peaceful day at home, and show his really sweet and precious side. Kolya wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  The kids have been learning some English during their visit. They say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” in English for their host family and are so proud of it. 
They have also played very well with the two sons in their host family, including a fun water fights together to cool off on a hot day. Natasha absolutely loves barbecue chicken on the grill and she dips it in ketchup. The leftovers have been a before bed snack for her. They both liked broccoli with ranch sauce. Natasha
initially gave a thumbs down to pork before she had it but we asked her to try
it and she ended up liking it. Kolya wanted a Big Mac from McDonald's and he ate the whole thing plus some of Natasha’s fries. Kolya cannot get enough yogurt and Natasha cannot get enough gum.  Each night, Natasha and Kolya’s host family gets all the kids together before bedtime to read from the Bible and pray.  Their son likes to read out loud and Kolya has listened a couple times and given him the thumbs up. Then they pray together.  Recently, Kolya even read from his Russian Bible during this special family time. His host family then asked him if he would pray. He shook his head yes and looked at his host mother, thinking she was going to pray. She said ‘no, you pray’ and he looked surprised. It was so sweet, he sheepishly smiled and bowed his head and prayed out loud.
It should be noted that we do not receive any medical history on the children who come to the United States for a hosting program, as this information is confidential. The commentary in this profile is based solely on opinions of their host family and others who have interacted with them during their visit. All children from hard places may have trauma, family history, or medical issues that could have a lifelong impact.
Please contact me if you'd like more information on any of the children.  Time truly is of the essence here.  Can you imagine going back w/ the group from the orphanage and all were being adopted but you?  I can't fathom that and don't want to.  These are really great kids.  Smiles are infectious type of kiddos.  I know what it's like to adopt kids these ages.  Trust me, they have a TON left to give!  A ton.  Firsts that they remember.  Tons of them.  Everything is so new.  Shoot, just today we told Reni, "it's up in the air."  She had no idea what that meant.  Their first soccer game you remember.  First time to the movies and the look at the big tv as my Russian kiddos used to call it.  First time eating certain foods.  First words in English.  The list goes on and on.  So please, if you're thinking 8 and 10yo's are not kids any more, you are so very wrong.  These are children waiting to enjoy a missed childhood and ready to be tucked in at night.  
If you are in the Raleigh area or would like to drive here, please don't hesitate.  Host families are willing to get together with folks to discuss the children further.  I know we did this too years ago when we hosted Yana and Alex.  Contact me for information on any of the kids above.  Valdic is 8yo and leaves in a few days.  'Donny' is 12 yo and is trying to be adopted before ending up in foster care.  He is deaf and I know this will limit his ability to find a family.  Yet, I know there are many, many signing families out there.  Natsha and Kolya are siblings are ready for a family in their life.  Please feel free to share information.  The only child above that is stateside & will be adopted in the US is 'Donny.'  The other 3 must return to EE after their hosting program is over next week.  Please share and spread the word about these awesome kids.  My email is boydbunch@gmail.com.  I do have further details that I can share but not publicly.  Privacy to me is still of the utmost importance when it comes to advocating for kids.   

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