Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A trip to Nana and Papa's

On Sunday we took a day trip to visit Warren's parents.  They don't live too far.  About two hours so not bad.  We hadn't seen them for awhile and decided to visit.  We decided to take the rv b/c it does need to be run more than just on big trips. 

Some of the kids ready to go.  We switch them around on long trips but this was such a short trip, we didn't bother.  They stayed in the same spot.  

Two zonked out sisters.  Guess that book wasn't as interesting.  

Alyona smiling for the camera.  I didn't get many shots as my batteries were dying.  

Irina and Reni.  All the kids love this rocking chair.  

Kids presenting Nana with a card.  

Max just chilling out.  

Umm, notice why I do NOT like my kids in this house for long??  Anyone see it?  There is crystal and glass  I cringe every time I go in it.  It just scares me.  You know stuff breaks in our home every single day.  No exaggeration. I have proof.  LOL.  

Nana Pat is an artist by trade.  It's what she does for a living.  So, she helps the kids w/ their art when they go to her house.  

Not sure what the exchange is going on w/ Summer and Bojan.  Must be intense.

Reni was getting frustrated.  It happens.  Rest are reading or drawing or taking pictures.  They did great at ignoring her drama.  

Stopped at a gas station.  Alyona is reading and Summer is annoying Bojan.  Bojan found a dvd that was apparently left by the previous owners of the rv.  We did not play a movie this trip.  That's reserved for much longer trips.  

When something goes wrong, you improvise.  We forgot the latch on the bathroom door is broken so it always swings open when in motion.  Bojan took his leg off for us to keep it shut for the trip.  Great thinkers we have in our bunch.  Max fixed the latch yesterday so it's ready to go for next trip.  No leg needed.  Our next camping adventure will be Labor Day Weekend.  Tell more about that later. 

We got to see many more people.  Sorry there are few pictures but my batteries died.  It was a pleasant visit and time went just way too fast.  We didn't get home till well after 9pm.  Everyone did pretty well.  Nothing too crazy from the kids.  That's always a good thing. 

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