Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A litte snow in summer

On Saturday evening, we were supposed to go to a little festival type thing.  However, it was raining and frankly, all of us were still in our lazy mood.  So, we opted to go to Pelican's.  A Sno Cone place.  Yum.  We recently discovered this little treat that is cheaper than ice cream.  We had to take two cars as we had extras with us that day.  A few glimpses of our time there.

Summer getting ready to dig into her cotton candy flavor sno cone.

Alex enjoying his coffee flavor.  Yuck!  The younger kids were all for the coffee b/c we don't let them drink coffee.  

Nik digging in.  He shocked me the other day by reading coffee on the menu.  No one told him.  He READ it.  Plain and simple.  Maybe he is soaking in more than I thought.

A bunch of them enjoying their unexpected treat.  

So many choices it was a miracle we all ordered.  

Reni is really enjoying her sno cone.  She ate the whole thing.

Logan and Yana sharing some laughs.  Notice Logan's is all gone by now?

Reni making sure she gets every last drop.

Dad and Alyona.  Alyona stopped talking to him long enough to smile for me.

Yes, I definitely think it was a huge success going here.  Rain even stopped.  Then went on the playground next door.  More pics later. 


  1. Sweet!
    I saw another video of that girl, those giral are identical! You should contact the family or something. Thet really do look alike.

  2. I, too, watched the video. Scary alike. Wow, if I'd seen it first - I would have pinged you, too.