Friday, August 10, 2012

2 special situations

There are two special situations I've become aware of that need our help.  One is from a friend of mine.  I will simply copy and paste what she wrote on FB. 

The Brown family is being presented to a birthmom, and we are asking for you to prayerfully consider making ANY donation to them via paypal. This baby was born 10 weeks early, and has significant brain trauma. The family does not have the $8,000, but has commitments from two people that total $4,500. They can travel on mercy flights. However, I am trying to help them raise the additional $3,500 they desperately need to give this baby a HOME.

Their Paypal account can be found at:

ANY size donation will be a blessing to them!!
Please be aware that this family can indeed financially care for this child.  I will not disclose all details.  Just know this family is wonderful, has been through a tremendous amount and honestly just needs a helping hand to bring their child home.  This is a child that will need significant medical care yet will totally thrive with this family.  Please share and do what you can to help.  $5 adds up very quickly. 
Next situation is one that was distributed to a yahoo group.  I figured I'd just share the link and you can read about it.  All donations are also tax deductible.  This is NOT for an aodption but rather for a child to be able to live a normal life in China w/ hearing aids.  
This little boy only needs $4800 to get the hearing aids.  This is making a huge difference in the quality of life.  Without them, his future is bleak as he is already struggling.  I know what hearing aids did for my son.  It opens the world.  What is $5 or $10 going to mean to you?  For him, it means everything.  Please consider donating to anyone of these two causes or both even.  Together, we can accomplish a lot.  Our family donates to various things.  I am very "picky" I suppose as to what I post.  Majority of  the time, I really like to know the people personally.  Sometimes I don't know them and that's okay.  Take just a minute today and change a life...or two.  It can be done.

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