Monday, July 16, 2012

What's happening here (LOTS!)

I know I did a Manic Monday post but really, that didn't have much on it as to what's going on around here.  I'll start somewhere random.  Just printed off physical forms for Yana to do cross country and track.  7 of the kids have appointments in August for check ups so we're just waiting till then to fill out the form. 

My speech therapist sent me a link to an application for us to get Nik  a Kindle Fire.  I've heard it has lots of apps like the ipad and even MORE for special needs kids. And, much, much cheaper than an ipad of course.  So, trying to apply to get Nik one that he can use for speech.  We'll see how it goes.  There is also a place I'd like to apply to try to get Nik his Neptunes.  That one of course is more in depth. Oh, one of Nik's new batteries has been broken.  Already.  Got to call AB tomorrow. 

Bojan's leg hurts badly again.  Again.  URGHH!!!  We just had surgery.  And, toes are still crossed over.  I know Duke did not want to do the amputation.  I get that.  But this really is a pain literally and figuratively for him.  Bojan has wanted his clubfoot amputated for years.  Years.  And, it's not like he doesn't know what he's getting into.  Anyhow, need to call and make an appointment.  Again.  On an up note, Alyona's surgery site looks fantastic and she'll have no more surgeries on it.

Summer is going to start speech therapy this Wednesday.  Can't wait.  She'll do fine.  She'll go right after Nik. Our speech therapist comes to the house.  Might as well have a room here.  She does speech therapy 3X a week for Nik, 1X a week for Summer, and AV therapy 2X a week for Nik.  Lots of talking happening here.  LOL. 

I have a "broken" child.  Yes, he is broken.  It takes a lot to "fix" one that is broken.  A lot.  It's been a tough few days.  We go through this every once in awhile.  It's not new.  Just some times you want to quit but know you can't quit on your child like those in their past did.  Still, doesn't make these times any easier.  Just thought I'd share.  It's not all roses in here all the time.  It's real life.

Today I took 5 kids to the dentist.  Well, 11 kids went w/ me but 5 had appts.  ALL 5 had NO cavities and everything was just perfect.  Max's wisdom teeth are in but are fine w/ no issues whatsoever.  Max, Alex, Bojan, Nik and Irina went this go around.  Now, hopefully Wednesday's report for the other 5 that go will be just as awesome.  Warren went to the dentist today too and had an all clear as well.  Great day for that stuff for sure.

Stopped to pick up brownie mix.  Girls messed it up.  No brownies.  LOL.  Hey, we didn't need them anyhow.  It's going to be a very late dinner tonight. 

Max needs to get his permit back.  Irina needs to get her license and Yana needs to get her permit.  ALL have taken the driver's ed course and passed.  Max passed the DMV test.  Yana needs to take that DMV test.  IRina needs to get her license.  Told them whenever they are ready.  Max and I will go to the school tomorrow to get what he needs for a license back.  Teens and I picked up some applications today.  Jobs are slim to none around these parts from what I hear from other parents and teens who've applied everywhere.  It is what it is.  Getting them to help me around here w/ stuff.  Max is going to build us a pallet picnic table.  We'll see how it goes.  Tried the girls at painting.  Umm, NO!  Never again.  That's all we'll say about that one.  Warren and I now have repaint and correct Irina's room this week.  Lovely.  We're returning some of the filled out applications tomorrow.  You never know.

Courtney is coming back this weekend!  Wahoo.  She's awesome. She's the one working on the adoption documentary.  Can't wait to see how it's going to turn out. 

Younger kids have soccer try outs this week.  Practices start in August.  Think I'm ready for the season to stay away just a tad longer.  I like it but need a break for a bit longer.  Like when it's cooler.  But, it's fun once it starts. 

We have lots of painting going on in this house.  Our master bathroom, Irina's room, Yana's room, upstairs hallway, dining room, upstairs bedroom, girls' upstairs bedroom.  So, tons of paint.  And that's not counting the new room for the girls that will need painting as well.  Insanity.  So far, we're done w/ the master bathroom and I love it!  It's a blueish turquoise color if that even makes sense.  Dining room is almost done.  It's yellow still but just a tad lighter.  We'll finish that and Irina's room this week.

There's more going on but I'm sure you're all bored by now.  So, I'll stop here.  Got to go.  Warren is making stir fry for dinner.  Yum. 


  1. I hope you do photos of your new paint, I'd love to see what you picked. I need some color inspiration.

  2. Stephanie, I am NEVER bored when reading your posts! Sounds like you are keeping very busy painting. You'll have to show us "before and after" photos :) I've been thinking about painting just 2 rooms before winter gets here but have no idea what color to paint the rooms.

    How is Nik breaking his batteries? Those are not cheap :( Doug is waiting for my ins to kick in (which is this week) and then he's getting one of the cochlears replaced as it cracked and he can't use it at all. sighs It's always one thing or another, isn't it? :)

    Keep it up and be sure to let us all know when your documentary is on tv so we can watch it too!!

  3. I work in the multiple disability class and we use the ipad for our kids. One app that is great is Proloquo. Here is the link.

    I am not sure if the Kindle fire has it. I have the kindle fire and my husband has the Ipad. For Prolquo the ipad would be better due to the larger screen.