Sunday, July 15, 2012

What we CRAVE

Well, we got another Cravebox the other day.  It was a BBQ edition one.  As you know, I have these boxes that come each month for $10.  They are worth well more than the $10 you pay.  And, if you use everything in them, well worth the money.  We are 110% sticking w/ the Cravebox.  The other two I receive are Birchbox and Glambag.  I doubt we'll stick w/ the Birchbox but I'll do a separate post.  The think about all these is you can cancel any time and I think it's awesome to try new products you might need.  We are not upscale folks (umm, 10 kids, need I say more?) so receiving a box of potential products that I can't afford to buy would not be a good idea.  So, sticking w/ my Cravebox and one other.  With teen girls in the house, getting a box of making each month is a great idea. LOL.  But, this post is about my Cravebox.  This is a BBQ edition one like I said.  You can opt in to get additional "special" boxes here and there and that's what I did.  Pet care, gardening, etc. are some options as well.  This month though, I got a BBQ one.

Love the way they are always packaged.  

Kids and I open w/ anticipation each month.  This one seemed packed full.

This is awesome for us and camping.  We've already got it loaded in the rv for our next camping trip!  No charcoal needed and can't wait to try this. Seems almost too easy.  

 Now granted, this is a little more "upscale" than we'd use but hey, it's plastic.  LOL.  They're appetizer dishes.  So, for us, we'll put a pile of blueberries on there and the kids will think that's the bee's knees.  So, I can find a use for sure.  Plus, put a mini fork w/ anything and kids will eat it.

Personally, I haven't tried this. Older kids have and said you have to like sour.  They said if you like the lemon drops candy,  you'll like these.

This is an envelope.  Inside, is a coupon for a FREE lighter.  We like FREE.  The other one is a sample for tea from Mighty Leaf.  We tried it in our ice tea.  Very good.  It also has a coupon for $1.75 off.  I like that the Cravebox includes coupons a lot of the times as well.  The other box I got had a coupon for half off some products.  Cool.  Went to the site.  Sorry but I can't afford 1/2 off a $225 hair dryer.  Who in their right mind pays that?!  Dont' say it, I'm frugal.  I know.  Hey, have to be.  Everything in this box, we'll be using or have used already.  

Cravebox gives us the chance to try new products w/ little risk.  I always get more than the $10 I paid.  Majority of the time w/ this company, it is stuff I will use.  again, everyone has varying taste.  That's why I like trying a few.  This is just one we know we're sticking w/.  I have mixed votes on whether to cancel the glambag or birchbox.  We'll see.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  We're working through it.  Really working.  Found azaleas on sale at Lowes...$6 a piece!  Nice size too.  They only needed.....water.  They look fantastic.  I'll have to take pics.  More posts to come.  For now, getting ready to paint.

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  1. The true lemon packets are awesome! I take a 20oz bottle of water and put one packet in and it is like drinking lemon water. They are the best in really cold water on a hot day. It is not overly sour and no sugar added!