Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What we crave...

Well, we got another Cravebox.  This one was a special edition one for summer cleaning.  Hey, right up our alley! 

They always package these so nicely no matter what they are.

 Ahh, my kind of style...FREE coupon! 

So, free garbage bags, gloves, cleaning clothes, glass cleaner and other cleaner.

These gloves were AWESOME!  Tried them on and we are going to definitely be buying more  

Irina was so ready to get to work cleaning.  The glass cleaner was really nice.  Works fantastic.  Like professional glass cleaner for sure.  We love it and again, now we'll have to buy it.  LOL.  Really, the products to try are useful and not too out of price range for us to get again.  Thanks Cravebox!  Looking forward to the next one.


  1. A while ago you inspired me to try Cravebox too. I also got this box...haven't had a chance to use any of it yet, since I just got back from Bulgaria. Really want the BBQ one too!

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    I just need to tell you how much the comment you left for me on my blog meant a lot! It really touched my heart. My health has taken a turn for the worse. Tumors on my brain stem are growing and putting pressure on my optic nerve. There are no options for treatments at this point. I have to place my life solely in His Hands and pray for healing.

    I have LOVED seeing all of the photos of your vacation! Your children are looked so beautiful. Well, they ARE beautiful! The trip actually looked like it was fun. I think I could gone with you all and fit right in!
    The only thing that bothered me was when Reni got so distressed. I so have a tender heart for that girl! I do think you need to do some more hands on/touch type things with her. She needs to get some of the nurturing that she missed out on. I can just see that longing in her. Especially like when she asked to walk to the bathroom with you. Try doing arm and foot and lower leg massages with baby lotion. You can make it a part of a mani/pedi session. Teasingly grab her when she walks by your chair and "rock her". Make it a funny thing. I guarantee that it will reach down deep into her little heart and soul and bring Healing. Brush her hair for her. I think its important to do with ALL of your kids. It's easier with the tiny ones like Summer and Nik. And, with those that have been home longer. There is absolutely NO better way to help with healing a broken child, than to use Touch.
    I sound like a know it all and I kind of am! I was a traumatized child. I have FAS. But, with tremendous amounts of patience and love from many different resources, I was able to heal. I did not have issues with learning, but was always about 10 years behind on an emotional level. But, there were people who were willing and chose to give me what I needed, when I needed it, no matter what my age. And, now I have been able to own a car. To live on my own. To pay my bills. To go to Nursing School. True miracles for a very broken little girl. Oh, how I wish I could live near you and help with your kids and the therapeutic program you want to do.
    I'm glad you all are back! I really missed you! Love, Jo