Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I loved about the Bulgarian Reunion

I don't think I ever said what I loved about going to the reunion this year.  Our family was new to this.  Never been to a Bulgarian Reunion before and not quite sure we'd fit in.  Sometimes you go to things like this and are afraid of bonds already having been formed that you're left on the sidelines. NOT SO HERE!!!  Nope.  We were all welcomed with open arms by everyone.  It was incredible.  I loved the fact that there were children from young tots all the way up to early 20's.  No one was left out.  Everyone seemed to have no lack of finding someone to hang out with.  All my kids had friends by the first night. 

Warren and I got to share our story with a few folks and answer questions for a few others.  I never felt "left out."  You could go up to anyone and feel very comfortable.  Very.  I guess what I loved the most was the sense of camaraderie from everyone.  It was so relaxing.  Hot, but relaxing.  Though, I think I have a solution for that shade issue next year.   Anyhow, it was just great to go.  What I thought was even better, is that people who'd never adopted before and were adopting from Bulgaria were there.  Made me smile that they want to know the process and understand it.  Makes for great parents!  As if it couldn't get better, grandparents came!  Can you believe it?!  I melted at that.  Just the very thought that grandparents wanted to be involved in their grandchild's culture and life sent chills up my spine.  Really, really did.  It means a lot to the parents if grandparents are involved in an adoption process.  You will have a very tight bond for sure.  Love, love, love it!

I hope others got as much out of this reunion as our family did.  Such a success that we have decided to come next year.  Yikes!  But, we survived the trip this year, we can do it again.  LOL.  I'm just really thankful for the opportunity.  If you are in process of adopting from Bulgaria or have adopted from there, do consider going to the reunion.  Promise you won't regret it.  Let's put it this way, ALL the deluxe cabins are already booked for next year!  We've decided to deck out the rv, take the tent and camp next year.  Should get interesting.  Thanks for all who made it a success.  Special thanks for Yvonne and Viviane for hosting. 


  1. It was great last year too and my mom was the only grandparent to be there. We would have been there this year, but happened to be on our way to Bulgaria to pick up my daughter.

  2. I didn't realize it was your first time going!! You seemed right at home there! :) I'm already looking forward to next year along with our son! It really was worthwhile going as we learned SO much!

    I agree - kudos to Yvonne and Viviane for hosting!